Walkthrough - Leisure Suit Larry 5

3. Walkthrough  (numbers in parentheses are points rewarded)

During a meeting, a rather sinister group of businessmen discuss their next
plan. While their plan to increase drug sales using subliminal messages in
music has been a resounding success, a similar plan to increase porn sales
has failed miserably, due to the advent of cable. Six months later, at a
different business meeting, executives are brainstorming to find "America's
Sexiest Woman," so that she can host their TV show. This woman, if she
exists, has to be so oversexed that she'll find even the biggest loser in
the world attactive - and here, you come into play.

= PornProdCorp =~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-

You start off outside the office where the above meeting is taking place, with
your boss, Mr. Scruemall, yelling for coffee. Grab the coffee pot by the door
(1), and you will then automatically move into the office. Fortunately, you
accidentally spill the coffee all over your boss - he now notices you as a big
loser, and so decides to give you the task of auditioning the women. Of
course, you'll have to do so inconspicuously, so Mr. Scruemall gives you the
Rob Lowe model camcorder (1), which is disguised as a pocket protector.

After he finishes talking, you'll find yourself back outside the office. Note
that if you skipped the introductory cutscenes, you'll start the game here,
without having had to do the above. You have several days to audition the
three women, and must capture them all on your camcorder (which, you'll note,
needs to be recharged). Take a look around the room, and have a drink from the
water cooler (1). Also, I have no doubt in my mind that you've noticed the
breasts-like object in the bottom right corner. Take a closer look at it with
your eye icon (1), and you'll see that it's an award.

Anyways, look at the hallway in the top left corner, and you'll see that it
leads to your workroom, where you're employed as Chief Rewinder and Sterilizer.
Head through and enter your workroom, piled high with videotapes. Let's put
some tunes on before we go to work. Use your hand icon to turn on the 8-track
player (5) on the left end of the counter, near the TV. Now, if you look at
the big barrel in the top right corner, you'll see that it's disinfectant to be
used before rewinding tapes. Problem is, you don't have your tapes: walk to
the table in the bottom right corner and pick up the three mini-cassettes (6).
Read the description for the tapes, and you'll see that they need to be de-
gaussed. First, use your hand icon on the barrel to disinfect your hands (1),
then use a videotape on the degausser machine (2), which is on the right end of
the counter. Repeat with the second (2) and third (2) videotapes.

Let's continue looking around the workroom. Open the leftmost drawer of the
counter, under the 8-track, and you'll get your battery recharger (8). That's
about all we can do in here, so exit the room, then enter the door in the top
right. Once you've been able to pull your eyes away from the boobies in the
top left corner, you'll notice that you're in the filing room. Immediately to
your left is a desk, with a credit card machine on top of it. Use your hand
icon on it, and you'll pick up the AeroDork Gold Card (5).

Now, to get the files on the three ladies we need to interview. Looking at the
cabinets, you'll see that all of them are labeled "Loser," except for the top
drawer of the small one on the far right. Use your hand icon on the drawer,
and then a second time to get the three files (8). Go into your inventory and
use your eye icon to examine each of the three files, in any order. Michelle
Milken's resume contains a napkin (1), Lana Luscious' contains a matchbook, and
Chi Chi Lambada's contains a business card (1). Use your eye icon to examine
the business card further to find Doc Pulliam's phone number (1).

Walk down to exit the filing room. Before we forget, plug your battery charger
into the outlet near the coffee pot (8), put your camera in the charger (3),
then look at the charger. When it says that your camara is 100% charged, pick
it up (1), and put a videotape in (4). Walk right one screen to exit the
building. You'll be outside, and of course, you'll want to take a look at the
naked woman fountain (1). Then, use your hand icon to enter the limousine.

During another East Coast board meeting, Mr. Bigg decides that his group
will be giving money to C.A.N.E. ("Conservatives Against Nearly Everything),
in an attempt to "clean" the airwaves.

= LAX Airport =~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-

Shortly thereafter, you should arrive at LAX. If you look at the airport, you
will note that AeroDork has eliminated travel agents - instead, tickets are
purchased at the Automated Ticket Machines. One is nearby, slightly to the
left of the nearby door. Use your hand icon on it to bring up a closeup view,
then insert your AeroDork Gold Card. Your destination options, New York,
Atlantic City, and Miami will come up. Our first file is Michelle Milken's, so
let's go to New York first. Click on "New York," and then enter in the airport
codes from your manual. What, you don't have one? Well, I hope you're not
playing pirated software! Anyways, Sierra offers a copy of the airport codes
at their website, www.sierra.com. Once you've entered in the correct code,
grab your boarding pass (4) and your AeroDork Gold Card.

(NOTE: You can go to any of the three destinations in any order you wish - I'm
just writing the walkthrough by the order the files are in your inventory. If
you choose to go to a different destination first, simply skip below to the
corresponding section.)

Enter the airport through the door just to the right of the ATM. If you forgot
to charge your camera earlier, walk left one screen to the outlet and do it
there. Otherwise, walk up to the Chartreuse Lounge door. To get in, you need
to show that you belong: use your AeroDork Gold Card on the camera (9). There
isn't much to do in the lounge; insert your boarding pass into the ABM slot to
the right of the door (7) to board your plane.

On the plane, you should see a blue magazine in the pouch in front of you. Get
it (8) and read it (5) to learn some useful information. Not long afterwards,
you fall asleep and start dreaming about Patti.

The dream starts off with Patti playing before a huge crowd at the White
House - little does Larry know that Patti is only playing in a seedy bar at
that exact moment. What's worse is, she's been fired and won't be paid!
After being approached by FBI Agent Desmond, Patti learns of the increasing
influence of organized crime in the entertainment industry. Thus, as a
musician herself, she is recruited to work undercover and learn all she can
about the subliminal messages.

= F.B.I. Lab (Patti) =~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-

Okay, you're supposed to take a look around the lab, before reporting back to
Commander Twit. Do NOT talk to him yet! He'll automatically start telling you
about the research, and you'll lose some points. Instead, click your eye icon
on the researcher at the bottom of the screen, and you'll learn about the
infrared heat-seeking surface-to-air vibrator (3). Then, look at the two
researchers just to the right, and you'll learn about the double-barreled bra
cannon (3). Walk right off the screen, and Commander Twit will say that he
needs to take care of your indoctrination paperwork, during which he will give
you a contact number, 556-2779 (1). You don't need the other numbers, so just
ignore him; once he's done, take a look at the researcher to learn about the
flatulence-inducing powder (3).

Once the experiment is over, head through the door to the right to see Dr. Phil
Hopian. Man, do I feel sorry for women - the gynecologist isn't their idea of
a great time, I'm sure. Anyways, after you feel a little prick inside you and
a couple of hours of screwing (no, not that kind, you perv), the Safety First
Field Locator Device has been succesfully installed. After the procedure is
over, you end up back in the lab.

Near the computer where Commander Twit processed your paperwork, you probably
have noticed some objects on the table. Pick up the yellow DataMan (5), the
blue DataPak (13), and the purple DataPak (13). Alternatively, you can ignore
them for now, though, and walk one screen to the left and through the north
door. Back on the street, click your hand icon on the limousine to get in,
then pick up the cellular phone to your right. Dial 556-2779, and ask for more
information on Reverse Biaz to get a fax. Get the fax (13), then redial
556-2779 and Desmond will automatically send you a fax with information on P.C.
Hammer. Get that fax as well (13), then exit the limo and head back into the
lab. The faxes and the DataPaks all have the same information - the only
reason to do the latter is if you want to receive faxes in your limo.

Anyways, back in the left room of the lab (with the two doors), near the upper
right corner, is the bra cannon you saw being tested earlier. Pick it up (6),
look at it while it's in your inventory (2), then click the arrow, then the
bra, then yourself to put it on (5). Note, if you went down to the limousine
to get the faxes, don't forget to pick up DataPaks and Dataman. Walk through
the north door to exit to the street, then get into the limo. In front of you
is a chilled bottle of champagne - pick it up (6). Now, insert the Reverse
Biaz DataPak into your DataMan (7), and you'll see that it now displays the
address for des Rever Records. If you received the fax earlier, it's the same
information. Anyways, show the DataMan or fax to your driver (8), and he'll
start driving.

Patti starts daydreaming of some good times she had with The Donald Tramp
on a yacht...meanwhile, back on the plane, Larry is still dreaming about
Patti. As he's giving her a shoulder rub, he slyly unzips her dress - only
to be awakened by the stewardess. Damn! Apparently, you were putting your
tray table into the upright position, and not with your hands. The plane
then lands in New York.

= LaGuardia Airport, New York =~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-

You start in the Chartreuse Lounge. Walk down to exit, then sneak a peek at
the charity cannister just to the right of the door. Noting that there is only
one quarter in there, use your hand icon to steal it (5). If you walk down one
screen, you exit the airport, but you don't have a ride! So, reenter LaGuardia
and walk one screen to the right. You'll notice a row of payphones and two
phonebooks. Unfortunately, the pages have all been torn out, so look at the
partially obscured advertisements near the top of the screen. Two screens to
the left, you will find one for the Checker Limo Co. (1) - remember the phone
number (552-4668).

Walk back to the telephones, and look for the one that is working (it should be
the leftmost one). Insert your quarter and dial 552-4668 to arrange for a
limousine to pick you up (3). Walk left one screen, down to exit the airport,
then enter the limousine. As soon as you enter, you'll notice an appointment
calendar to your left. Pick it up (12), then look at it in your inventory (11)
to find some money and credit cards. Now, why did we fly across the country
to New York again?

That's right, to find Michelle Milken. Looking at her resume, you'll see that
she likes hanging out in computer stores. More specifically, we have a napkin
with the address of the one she likes to go to! So, show the Hard Disk Cafe
napkin to your driver, and you'll be on your way. After you arrive and the
limousine pulls away, walk behind the plant, and you'll automatically take a
piss (1). Now, go through the doors to enter the cafe.

= Hard Disk Cafe =~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-

The first room is a museum of sorts, with old punch card readers, tape drives,
a music box (!), and various computer antiquities. Walk by the large woman
hogging (no pun intended) the telephone and to the doors. Unfortunately, you
can't get in without a membership tape, so talk to the maitre'd. You'll have
to talk to him about nine times before he prints you up a membership tape (3),
just to get rid of you. Pick up the tape from the side of the machine (4),
then use your hand icon on the machine to insert it and go through the doors.

You'll see your table right in front of you, next to the big woman's table. I
hope you weren't hungry, because watching her gorge herself would probably make
you lose your appetite. Sit down, and as soon as you do, Michelle Milken will
walk by (3). After she enters the Herman Hollerith Room, get up and click your
hand icon on the machine to insert your membership tape. Unfortunately, you
aren't cleared to enter, so walk down one screen back to the first room.

The maitre'd isn't going to upgrade your membership, so you'll have to think of
another way to get in. Remember that AeroDork In-Flight Magazine we read? It
mentioned something about computer punch cards being descendants of the music
box, which this room has (in the bottom left corner). Conveniently enough, if
you look at the music box, you'll see that its cylinder is the same width as
your membership tape. It's pretty obvious what you need to do: use the tape on
the music box (12). Click your hand icon on the machine to insert the tape,
and you'll notice that it thinks you're someone else. Click on the machine in
the next room, and while it unfortunately eats your tape, you'll enter the
Herman Hollerith Room (12).

You'll sit down automatically, with Michelle Milken only a few feet away! Go
into your inventory, and use your hand icon to turn on the camcorder (4). You
only have a few minutes, so you'll need to be quick. Talk to her five times,
and she'll allow you to join her for a banana split. Talk to her three times,
and she'll tell you that junk bonds would be perfect for you. Give her the
DayTrotter with "your" account information (5), and she'll suck some whipped
cream off her finger. Now, give her the credit cards (5), and she'll lick up
a cherry. Can you imagine how much your woman would worship you if you had a
tongue like that?! Finally, give her the cash (5), and she'll show you exactly
what she has in mind.

Michelle will get under the table and start going to town, while you're still
recording all this (20)! After you blow your load (40), you'll find yourself
back in the first room of the cafe. We're done here, but we'll need another
ride; luckily, the big woman is finally off the phone. Pick up the phone and
dial 552-4668 to call another limousine (2), then walk out the bottom right
corner. After you enter the limousine, you automatically head back to the

Mr. Scruemall, receives a phone call from someone named Julius. Julius
doesn't seem too pleased, but your boss reassures him that "someone" is
already on the job.

= LaGuardia Airport, New York =~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-

Shortly thereafter, you arrive at LaGuardia. Looking through your inventory,
the next resume belongs to Lana Luscious, in Atlantic City. Use your hand icon
on the ATM to pull up a closeup view, then insert your AeroDork Gold Card.
Select Atlantic City, enter in the correct code from your documentation, then
pick up your boarding pass (4) and card. Go through the doors to enter the
terminal, but don't enter the Chartreuse Lounge just yet. Remember how your
camcorder doesn't have much battery life? Now would be a good time to charge
it. Walk left one screen, insert a new tape into the camcorder, plug the
battery charger into the outlet, then the camcorder into the charger. When the
camcorder is back at 100%, pick it up and walk to the right. Show your Gold
Card to the security camera to enter the Chartreuse Lounge, then insert your
boarding pass into the slot when ready to board.

After boarding the plane, Larry soon falls asleep and starts dreaming again.
This time, he and Patti are riding through the canals of beautiful Venice,
Italy. Just as they start to get a little closer...cut to Patti. She's
being groped, against her wishes, by her sleazeball chauffeur! Luckily, she
knows how to take care of herself, and gives him a nice right hook before
exiting the car.

= Shill Building/des Revers Records (Patti) =~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-

Once out of the limousine, click your hand icon on the revolving door to enter.
Look at the directory to your left, then click your eye icon on des Revers
Records (3) to note that it is located in Room 900. There are no buttons to
call the elevator, so go and talk to the sleeping guard. Show him your DataMan
with the Reverse Biaz DataPak or the fax (6), and he'll call the elevator.

After you get off, one of the first things you'll notice is the gold record at
the bottom middle of the screen. Use your eye icon on it, and you'll make your
way over there. Pick up the gold record (12), then use your icon on the
turntable just below where it was. In the closeup view, use the gold record
on it, press the forward button (third from the left), then use your hand icon
on the stylus. The music should start playing - continue listening for a short
while, until you get a message (3). Ok, so we just listened to the record in
normal mode...let's play it backwards. Press the reverse button (far left) and
listen until you hear the subliminal message, "Just Say Yes!" (3) Ok, now we
should change the speeds - click on the 78 button on the far right. Wait until
you hear another subliminal message (3). Now, press the forward button again
and listen until you hear the final message (3). Press stop (Finally! That
racket was driving me nuts!) and pick up the record, to keep as evidence.

Look at the guy in the window, and you'll see that it's Reverse Biaz himself!
He's ready for you, so enter the door to the left of the window. You'll be
reminded of a contract you signed with someone named "Julius" (does that sound
familiar to you?), who never even paid you. Anyways, click your hand icon on
the keyboard to the left/middle of the room, and a closeup view of it will come
up. Now, go ahead and play for a little while, until Reverse stops you. You
will now have to do a second take, with a little "more feeling." Again,
however, it doesn't really matter what or how you play. Finally, on the third
take, the computer plays for you automatically, and Reverse is happy with the
recording (8).

You will then be invited into the studio to playback the recording. After he
tells you that you have wonderful technique, use the champagne on him to offer
him a few drinks. Once he's pretty drunk (40), he'll offer to find you a small
sample of his work and give you a tape (18), even saying that every song is

Back at the F.B.I. Headquarters, Agents Desmond and Smith are scanning your
location; however, they're having a little bit of trouble, due to a little
bit of interference or, perhaps, your drinking too much!

Back in the limousine, go into your inventory and click your hand icon on the
DataMan to remove the Reverse Biaz DataPak. Insert the P.C. Hammer DataPak
into your DataMan, look at the DataMan (1), then show it to your driver. He
isn't going to try and grope you, fortunately, and starts driving you to K-Rap.

Patti starts reminiscing again, this time about Willi Gates. Even in that
absolutely stunning outfit, Willi seems to prefer having his hand on his
mouse and keyboard, unfortunately. Meanwhile, Larry is still dreaming of
himself and Patti in Venice - and manages to spill his drink all over his
crotch in real life. The plane then lands.

= Atlantic City Airport =~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-

As anyone who's ever been to a city like Las Vegas (and, I'm assuming Atlantic
City as well) knows, some people cannot stop gambling! Slot machines are found
everywhere, and airports are no exception. Walk down one screen to exit the
Chartreuse Lounge, then walk left. If you forgot to earlier, recharge your
camcorder batteries. Otherwise, start playing the slots - the machine second
from the left gives you a quarter (5). As in New York, we'll have to find some
form of transportation. Walk to the right one screen, then look at the
advertisements until you find the phone number (553-4468) for Tramp Limousine
Service (1). Walk one screen further to the right, and use the quarter on the
second phone from the left, dialing 553-4468 to call for your limousine (3).
Walk left one screen, then down to exit the terminal. Enter the limo, then
show the Tramp Casino matchbook to your driver to head on your way.

= Tramp Casino =~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-

At the entrance to the casino, a blonde woman is standing to the left of the
door, a man to the right. The man on the right can call a limousine for you,
but you don't need one right now, so talk to the woman twice. The second time
you talk to her, you'll play a number guessing game (2): type any number you
want, and you'll win ten Tramp silver dollars. Enter the casino and click your
hand icon on any free machine to play video poker (4).

Now, I'm terrible at poker, so I'm not going to go into too much strategy about
how to win. In fact, I'm not going to at all - I'm that poor at poker. So, I
simply "cheat," by saving before every round, betting all the money I have, and
restoring if I lose. Whether you do the same thing as I did or whether you
prefer to play honestly, keep at it until you have at least $525. You'll need
at least that much pretty soon, but don't go overboard with your winnings -
they're not real silver dollars, remember?

Once you've won enough money, look at the doors at the top of the screen, and
you'll see that a crowd is gathering. Go ahead and enter, and you'll see a
platform, with seats all around. Pay the bouncer 25 silver dollars, then walk
towards the ring and you'll take a seat in the front row. The announcer will
then introduce Jennifer Jiggle - click on her with your eye icon to look at her
closeup (8). Once she's finished showing off a little bit (what happened to
the wet t-shirt? I want a refund!), the show concludes. However, you find out
that a mud wrestling match is happening tonight! Remember what Lana Luscious
does for work?

For now, though, we're done here. Walk out the way you came in, then down one
screen to exit the casino. Back outside Tramp Casino, you'll notice the start
of the boardwalk to the right. We know Lana likes to hangout there, so walk
right one screen to get onto the boardwalk. You'll notice everyone here is on
rollerblades - let's try to fit in. Walk right a couple of screens until you
see the Ivana Skates shop, then click your hand icon on the door to enter.

Walk up to the counter and Ivana should come out. Talk to her to ask about
renting a pair, but you'll find out she wants a deposit of $250. Now, we do
have enough silver dollars for that, but we don't want to give them to her: you
know places like this always find the littlest thing wrong when you return
their equipment. Instead, offer her your camcorder as a deposit (8), and she
accepts. Note that you CAN offer her money, but you get less points, and she
doesn't return all of it. Anyways, once you have the skates, walk down to exit
the shop.

Click your hand icon on the bench to walk over and sit down, then click the
skates on yourself to put them on (3). Now, start skating around the boardwalk
near the bottom of the screen, and try to run into Lana Luscious (6) when you
see her (trust me, you'll know when it's her). You'll introduce yourself, and
she'll invite you to sit down with her. The game will then move to a closeup
view. Go ahead and paw her if you want, she doesn't seem to mind. When you're
ready, though, talk to her five times, and you'll agree to meet her at the Mud
Wrestling show (2).

After Lana leaves, click the skates on yourself to take them off, then walk
back to Ivana Skates and enter. Walk up to the counter, and click the skates
on Ivana when she comes out to get your camcorder back (3). Walk down to exit
the shop, and then left a few screens until you're back at Tramp Casino. Go
through the doors into the casino, and then back through the doors where you
saw Jennifer Jiggle earlier.

You'll see that there is now a wrestling ring, full of - you guessed it - mud.
Anyone know where they have shows like this, by the way? Anyways, talk to the
bouncer, and you'll see that it's only $25 to watch, but $500 to actually
participate. You want to participate, obviously, so click on him with your
silver dollars, then choose "Lemme at 'em!" (12) He'll then step aside so that
you can go down to your seat as before, but before you do so, turn on your
camcorder. As soon as you sit down, Lana will walk into the ring.

You'll then enter as well, and the camera will cut to an above-the-ring view.
Now, this next part can get pretty tough - you'll see various body parts very
briefly flash all around the ring. Your job is to click on them as fast as you
can with your hand icon, which is actually alot tougher than it sounds. Keep
at it (you'll know you're doing it right if the crowd cheers), and you will
eventually wrestle Lana out of the ring, where the two of you start ripping
each other's clothes off (40)! Unfortunately, "Bucephalus" gets a little bit
of stage fright - and your camcorder caught all of it on tape (20). After that
embarrasment, you find yourself outside of the casino. Talk to the man to have
him call a limo (2), then get in.

A man named Luigi has just made a very large contribution to C.A.N.E., and
although he wants the donation to remain anonymous, he expects to see some
results immediately...

= Atlantic City Airport =~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-

Back at the airport, click your hand icon on the ATM, then insert your AeroDork
Gold Card once again. Miami should be your only option at this point, so click
on it and input the correct code from your documentation. Grab your boarding
pass (4) and AeroDork Gold Card, then enter the terminal. Walk left one screen
and put a new videotape into your camcorder. Plug the battery charger into the
outlet, the camcorder into the charger, and then pick both up once the battery
is at 100%. Now, walk right one screen, show your AeroDork Gold Card to the
camera, and enter the Chartreuse Lounge. Finally, insert your boarding pass
into the slot to the right of the door to board your plane. Shortly after your
plane takes off, you start dreaming again...

This time, Patti is playing a rock concert in front of the Taj Mahal. In
the meantime, the real Patti is currently standing in front of:

= K-RAP Radio (Patti) =~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-

Click your hand icon on the door to enter, and after a view of the other side
of the building, you'll find yourself in the lobby. Luckily, the receptionist
is nowhere to be found, so click on the keypad just to the right of the door.
If you recall from looking at the P.C. Hammer DataPak before, the access code
to the door is 45954 - enter that and go into the office (1).

First, look at the plant in the top right corner of the room, and you'll see a
glint of metal. Click your hand icon on it, and you'll pick up the desk key
(10). Speaking of the desk, on top, you'll see a long, pointed object which
turns out to be a letter opener. Grab that as well (4), then use the key on
the desk to open it (13). Use your eye icon to look in the drawer (5), and you
will note a five-digit number written on a piece of blue stickum. Write this
number down, as it is random from game-to-game. Now, click your hand icon on
the desk to pull out a confidential folder (5).

Go into your inventory and look at the confidential folder (4), and you'll find
some incriminating evidence, as well as the name "Julius." Of course, we don't
want anyone to find that we took this evidence, so we'll have to make a copy of
it. Walk over to the ZeroZ machine at the left of the room, and click the
folder on the machine to make copies (12). Unfortunately, the machine jams and
explodes toner all over you - at least you got the most important evidence.
Like any good spy, however, you'll want to make sure you leave everything the
way it was.

Return the letter opener to the desk (we just picked it up for points), the key
to the plant, and the folder to the desk drawer. No time to clean up the ink,
however, so walk through the door on the left. While we didn't clean up the
ink in the wall, Patti definitely needs a shower, so take one (7). Oops...it
turns out the "shower" is actually a secret elevator, which takes you all the
way downstairs, naked and without your inventory.

Too bad we can't walk around with Patti naked, huh? You can't leave the shower
until you grab the clothes hanging within reach (1). With your new outfit and
the black ink all over your face, you look just like a female rapper! I'm sure
some people probably got a little angry at the game at this point, but hey, I
have to admit I thought it was kind of funny. Since you blend right in, you
can walk around somewhat freely - go right one screen

P.C. Hammer should be visible through a window, but ignore him for now. The
second door from the right is Control Room B, the one we want - click your hand
icon on the keypad next to the door, then enter the number I told you to write
down earlier (the one from Krapper's desk). Enter the studio, and look at the
red-orange shelf in the back. You'll see that it has some blank tape reels, so
grab one of them (4). Now, at the bottom left corner of the screen, you should
see the recording equipment, with a place to put the reel tape. Do so, then
click your hand icon on the equipment (you should get a message that you turned
Control Room C's volume up). Continue clicking your hand icon on the equipment
until you get a message that you can now overhear 2 Live 2 Screw having a
conversation (8). You'll have to record this, of course, so click your hand
icon on the recording equipment where you put your blank tape (4).

Unfortunately, P.C. Hammer notices you recording, and blocks your door with the
microphone, before heading into the shower/elevator to get someone. While you
see the code he pushed in, you need to get out of this room first! Let's not
forget why we even came in here, however: click on the recorder to stop the
recording, a second time to rewind the tape, and a third time to get the tape
(7). Now, click on the equipment, and you'll raise the volume of the room's
monitor speakers. Click your hand on the microphone, and then talk to the
microphone to blow the glass out (15). You're free! Back in your limo, you
fall asleep and start to dream:

There's Patti, frolicking in piles of gold, while some lucky duck gets to
watch. Meanwhile, Larry is still dreaming of Patti, who's now charming a
snake. Finding that the snake isn't the only thing rising to the occasion,
Larry accidentally puts his tray in the upright position, and not with his
hands again! The plane then lands.

= Miami Airport =~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-

Back in the Chartreuse Lounge, walk down one screen to exit, and then left one
screen. There's no slot machines here, but there is a cigarette machine - walk
over and click your hand icon on it to grab a pair of quarters (5). As with
the previous two airports, we'll have to find a number for a limousine company.
However, we'll also have to find a second number as well, so don't forget!
Look at the advertisements until you find one for "Just Green Cards," (1) and
note the telephone number (554-1272). Also look for an advertisement for North
Beach Limousine Rentals (1), and note the telephone number (554-8544).

Walk to the payphones, and insert a quarter into the second one from the right.
First dial 554-8544 for a limousine (3), and since we're here to see Chi Chi
Lambada, let's dial 554-3627 for Doc Pulliam's office. Since the line is busy,
we still have an extra quarter, so let's go ahead and dial 554-1272 to call
"Just Green Cards." (7) The guy on the other line will tell you that he's
leaving the green card in the trash can outside, and that you should leave a
large sum of pesos. We're not going to, of course, but walk left one screen,
then down one screen to exit the terminal. To the left of the door, you should
see the green card on the trash bin - pick it up (12), and enter your limo.
Since Doc Pulliam's phone line was busy, that means someone is obviously there,
so head for his office by showing the business card to your driver. You should
arrive in no time at all.

= Doc Pulliam's Dental Hygiene Heaven =~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-

After exiting the limousine, walk up to the stairs and enter Doc Pulliam's
office. In the bottom right corner, you'll notice a doily on a table. Walk
over and pick it up (5), then talk to the lady behind the window. You'll ask
for an appointment, but she'll deny you and close the window, so talk to her
again, and she'll ask you to fill out a questionare. Basically, you have to
show her that you're the perfect patient, so answer her questions in this

- "Do you have dental insurance?" YES
- "Do you have LOTS of dental insurance?" YES
- "Are your teeth overly sensitive?" NO
- "Are you allergic to pain?" NO
- "Do you ENJOY pain?" YES
- "Do you enjoy sharing your pain with others?" YES
- "Do you enjoy mechanical objects in your mouth?" YES
- "Do you enjoy other people's hands in your mouth?" YES
- "Do you enjoy rubber in your mouth?" YES
- "Do you swallow?" YES
- "Have you ever heard of AIDS?" NO
- "Do you know anyone who has ever hired a lawyer?" NO
- "Do you know the definition of 'malpractice?'" NO

Finish answer her questions (13), and she'll book an appointment for you nine
months down the road, since it's not an emergency. Well, that's not quite soon
enough for us, so let's make it one. Go over and pick up the phone on the left
side of the room, and dial 554-3627 to call Doc Pulliam. Now, how to make it
look like you're in alot of pain? Wrap the doily around your head, like a
bandage (8)!

Talk to the receptionist again, and she'll send you in right away (17). After
you've been seated, who should come in to work on you but Chi Chi Lambada! Use
your eye icon on her to bring up a closeup view. Go ahead and turn on your
camcorder, as well. It looks like those beautiful breasts of hers are about to
pop that button right off, but go ahead and click your hand icon in it anyways,
to help it along. After a couple times clicking on it, it'll finally come
undone (2).

That stunt would get us slapped in real life, but not so in this game, so do it
again if you wish! Knowing you, you'll be doing this for the next half hour,
so just continue reading on when you're ready...OK, are you finally back now?
Alright, good. Anyways, make sure your camera batteries aren't worn out yet.
If they're out of batteries, restore your game. If not, talk to Chi Chi three
times, and she'll mention that she'd do anything for the man that helped her
become a citizen.

You just happen to be carrying a green card, so give it to her (15). This will
make her so happy, she starts doing a little dance, before inviting you down to
her apartment (40), downstairs in the gymnastics studio. After the two of you
do a little swinging, a little diving, and various other gymnastic feats, you
emerge out of the studio. Unfortunately, you're not as athletic as Chi Chi
might have liked, but at least you got it all on videotape (20)! Well, that
was out last finalist, so let's head back home. You need a ride, of course, so
walk back upstairs into the Doc Pulliams, and dial 554-8544 to arrange for a
limousine. Walk back outside and enter the limousine, and you'll automatically
head for the airport.

A group of C.A.N.E. lobbyists are talking to a politician...and offering a
very large sum of cash, if he'll get the smut off of the airwaves. And,
like any normal politician, he accepts.

= Miami Airport =~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-

Shortly thereafter, you should arrive at the airport. Click your hand icon on
the ATM, then insert your AeroDork Gold Card. Choose Los Angeles, enter the
code from your documentation, then grab your boarding pass (4) and card. Enter
the terminal, and since we've videotaped all three finalists, we don't need to
charge the camera anymore, so show your AeroDork Gold Card to the camera and
insert your boarding pass into the slot to board.

= Flight to Los Angeles =~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-

As usual, Larry falls asleep shortly after takeoff and starts dreaming.
This time, he and Patti are both in trench coats, reenacting a scene from
the movie "Casablanca," I think it is. Cut to Patti in the meantime,
talking to Agent Desmond. She tells him all the information she has found,
from des Revers Records and from K-RAP radio. For all her good work, Patti
is invited to the White House! Meanwhile, back on the plane...

Larry's flight is going to crash! The plane is already in a nosedive, and
since you've had a little experience with flight simulators (and since there's
noone else to do the job), you end up in the cockpit. Click your hand icon on
random spots around the control, and eventually, you will turn on the plane's
Auto Pilot (100). You're a hero! After finally landing the plane, you receive
a phone call from the President of the United States himself, and it seems like
you've been invited to the White House dinner as well.

= White House (Patti) =~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-

In just a short while, Patti is going to have the opportunity to perform at
the White House. But who should walk in the door but Larry! They finally
reunite, before going to sit at the head table. Agent Desmond takes the
seat next to Patti, however, and Larry is left standing there like a fool.
And who should be sitting to Patti's left is Mr. Bigg - or should we call
him "Julius?" In his attempt to impress Patti, Julius mentions that he is
looking for "America's Sexiest Woman," and things start to click for Larry.
Meanwhile, Julius continues humming a very familiar melody, and finally
mentions his real name - now things click for Patti.

Julius is the reason Larry has amnesia, the reason "Leisure Suit Larry 4"
was never released, the reason Patti never got paid, etc.! Patti tells
Desmond to arrest him, but Julius pulls out a gun, while Larry dives to save
the vice-president. So, what is Patti going to do?

Do you have any weaponry on you? Of course, the Hooter Shooter. Go into your
inventory and select it, then click on Julius (100). Good work - as a sign of
his gratitude, the Vice President decides to send Larry and Patti to Camp David
for a vacation. Well, that's the end of the game: you've beaten Leisure Suit
Larry 5 with all 1000 points, so congratulations!