Using The Right Application

These great adventure games of our past can sometimes be a pain to play while trying to run on a modern day computer system. Programs have been designed to help alleviate these technical problems. Below you will find our list of programs that will help you run every game listed on our site.


DOSBoxDOSBox is a complex utility that simulates many functions of MS Dos. They use simple DOS commands, and a few commands of their own to allow you to install and run many old games on newer operating systems that were designed to perform inside of MS DOS.

Look for our DOSBox Icon for games that run in DOSBox.


ScummVMScummVM is a program which will allow you to run most of the LucasArts graphical point-and-click adventure games. It is based off of the creation tool in which so many LucasArts titles were made in.

Look for our ScummVM Icon for games that run with ScummVM.

DAEMON Tools Lite

DAEMON Tools Lite creates a virtual CD/DVD-Rom drive on your computer, allowing you to run image files as if you were actually inserting them into a CD/DVD drive. Use this program to run some CD-Rom titles from both Sierra and LucasArts.