Leisure Suit Larry 5 - Passionate Patti Does A Little Undercover Work

Developer: Sierra
Release Date: 1991

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"Sex, Thungs and Rock 'N Roll. They're back in their silliest sexiest adventure ever. Larry teams up with Passionate Patti for a rollicking gender-bending romp through the sleazy underside of the underworld...

...Passionate Patti is a fledgling spy for the FBI, sent to ferret out corruption in the music industry. Larry, cult-hero of the computer age and certified fashion disaster, is auditioning hostesses for TV's syndicated steam-fest, America's Sexiest Home Videos. But watch out! The Mob wants to get pornography off the air and back onto their balance sheet. Help Larry and Patti take on organized crime, the FBI, and the Citizens Against Nearly Everything in their spiciest computer caper yet."

- From the back of Game Box


Our balding, dorky, leisure suit-wearing hero is back in his 5th (really 4th) in an adventure that only he could get himself tangled up in. This was the first game in the series to jump headfirst into the 256 color era, and scrap the text parser for the more modern mouse-icon gameplay interface that was so popular at the time.

Most people know what they are getting when it comes to Leisure Suit Larry, and this game is no different. Women, lots of women, although this time around you actually get to play one. Passionate Patti (you may know her from Leisure Suit Larry 3) returns as your gameplay alternates between her and Larry throughout the story.

If you want a funny - tasteless, but funny game, and you enjoy the leisure suit larry characters and humor, this is definitely a game that you cannot miss. Overall it is a solid offering that will keep you engaged the whole way through.

By: Unknown