Walkthrough - Space Quest 2

|-------------------------- THE WALKTHROUGH --------------------------|

--- ----==--- Xenon Orbital Station 4 ---==---- ---

| As Roger sweeps off the hull of the massive spaceship he now |
| calls home, he daydreams of the life he always though a hero |
| was supposed to have. As his mind, and his newest broom, |
| wanders off into space, he is suddenly thrust back into |
| reality by the piercing beep of his watch. |

Type 'LOOK AT WATCH' to see where that beep eminates from, and then
type 'PRESS C BUTTON' to answer your boss's page. Now, walk over to the
left until you are directly underneath the large red circle, and then
walk upward until you are standing on top of it.

Once you're back in the Orbital Station, walk up to the purple and gray
jumpsuit hanging on the wall and type 'CHANGE CLOTHES'. Next, head over
to the small blue lockers on the right side of the room and type 'OPEN
LOCKER'. Search the small opening by typing 'LOOK IN LOCKER', and you
will find a small puzzle game and an athletic supporter. Type 'PICK UP
PUZZLE' and 'PICK UP SUPPORTER' to add both items to your inventory.
And with all that taken care of, you can go ahead and walk through the
doorway on the left side of the room.

After you've recieved your orders (again) from a superior of yours, you
can head over to the yellow and black pad over on the upper-left corner
of the room. This elevator will take you up to the top level of the
room. Then, walk over to the small red room inside the glass tube that
you see over on your right, and it will send you directly to your
shuttle bay area.

When you've reached your destination, step out of the red room, and
climb down the stairs on the right. Then, walk up the ramp to enter the
small shuttle in the middle of the room, so we can get started on
whatever mess we've been sent here to clean up...


--- ----==--- Exploring The Crash Site ---==---- ---

| You've been tricked! It appears that Sludge Vohaul, the man |
| who was apparently at the heart of the sinister scheme that |
| you thrawted in your last adventure, has taken his revenge on |
| you. So, Roger is now on his way to a lifetime of unbearably |
| hard labor on the surface of Labion, working as a slave in a |
| mining colony. Or at least, that's what the disgustingly evil |
| Sludge Vohaul thinks... |
| |
| Because, fortunately for our hero, and unfortunately for his |
| captors, the craft used to transport Roger to his intended |
| destination has crashed on the way. The two beings assigned |
| to escort him are now dead, lying next to the mangled ship. |

After you've climbed off of one of your deceased companions, walk over
to the wreckage of the ship and type 'PRESS THE BUTTON'. This will turn
the distress signal off, so that more Labion workers don't arrive to
re-capture you.

Walk up to the dead body that is lying to the left of the crashed
hovercraft, and type SEARCH BODY. Next, type TAKE KEYCARD to retrieve
the electronic keycard from the body of your former captor. Then, walk
up one screen.

There are three trees in this area; a very small one, and two much
larger ones. Head over to the larger tree that is just over to your
right, and walk above and behind it so that you are no longer in view.
Recently a search party has been dispatched to this location with
orders to shoot you on sight. Stay hidden behind this tree and you'll
stay out of their gun cross-hairs. And once they've left, they'll be
gone for good. Enter the next area by walking into the lower-right
corner of the screen.

Walk over to the little pink alien that you see caught in the snare
above you, and type UNTIE ROPE. He'll give you a thankful stare just
before running off into the brush. Now go back to the previou screen,
and walk up onto the plateau above those three trees, and go left one
screen. Make your way over to the small machine at the edge of the low
cliff, and type PUT FORM INTO SLOT. Wait a few moments, and then type
PICK UP OBJECT to retrieve your recently ordered "Labion Terror Beast

Now go right one screen, head back down the plateau until you are
underneath the large trees again, and then go left once screen. Very
carefully walk up to the small, light-blue plant growth ahead, and type
PICK UP SPORE to retrieve one of the posinous plants. Then, go up one
screen. Before you is a large alien lying between you and a bush full
of delicious looking berries. The little pink alien that you rescued
earlier can be seen retrieving some of them for himself, but he'll be
departing shortly.

The only way to reach the berries is to travel through the "maze" of
tentacles, without touching them in anyway. To make it as easy as
possible, you should turn the game speed down to SLOW. When you do reach
the large bush, type PICK UP BERRIES to take a handful for yourself.
Unfortunately, on closer inspection, these berries have a pungent odor
that turns your stomach. Now, carefully head back through the maze of
blue tentacles, and then go down one screen.

Walk right one screen, and then head into the upper-right corner of the
screen that follows, where you will come to the edge of a small body of
water. This swamp is inhabited by a large, man eating monster swimming
around underneath the surface. So, type RUB BERRIES OVER BODY to make
yourself a lot less appetizing, and then walk into the water. First
head right one screen, and pretty soon you'll be attacked by the
monster. But, because of you unpleasant taste, he'll spit you right
back out, unharmed. Then head up and to the right until you enter the
deep area of the lake.

Type TAKE A DEEP BREATH to fill your lungs, and drop down underneath
the murky surface. Quickly head down to the bottom, and then over one
screen to the left. Swim over to the light source ahead, and then move
upwards to enter a very small cave. Step out of the water and over to
the glowing object to your right. Type PICK UP GEM to put the glowing
gem into your pocket, and then head back into the water. Once again,
type TAKE A DEEP BREATH, head back down into the water, and through the
underwater cavern the same way you came. Once you resurface in the
swamp, you can start heading over to the right again, and eventually
you'll reach dry land again.


--- ----==--- The Cliffs of Labion ---==---- ---

| Well, Roger's quick thinking has taken him far beyond the |
| crash site, and now he ventures out into the next phase of |
| his adventures. The lofty cliffs and dense forrest that |
| surround the crash site bring with them a whole new set of |
| challenges. |

Just ahead of you is a small canyon edge. Walk up to the large dead
tree that sits near the edge, and type CLIMB TREE to reach the top. It
will crack under the pressure and fall to the ground, thus creating a
makeshift bridge across the chasm before you. Crawl over this "bridge",
and continue one screen to the right. Ahead of you lies shadowy forrest
adorned with a jumble of green vines. Walk straight ahead until you are
caught by a snare. As the blood rushes to your head, you pass out.

When you awaken, you find yourself being held captive in a large cage.
A large beast, how you assume is your captor, stares blankly at a small
fire. Type YELL AT BEAST to try and catch his attention. He'll just
ignore you. Once again type YELL AT BEAST, and this time he'll start
toward your direction with an annoyed look on his face. Now, just
before he reaches the door to your cage, type THROW SPORE. This will
knock him out long enough for you to escape.

Type SEARCH BODY to look through the belongings of the temporarily
disabled monster, and then type TAKE KEY to retrieve the cage key from
his pockets. Walk up to the door, then type UNLOCK DOOR and OPEN DOOR.
Quickly run out of the cage, step up to that large rock that sits above
and to the right of the fire, and type TAKE ROPE.

Walk up one screen, but stay close to the bottom so that the aliens on
the white launch pad in the background won't see you. Now go left two
screens, and crawl to the middle of the "bridge" that your clumsiness
created earlier. Type TIE ROPE TO LOG, and then CLIMB DOWN ROPE. Now
you are hanging down the center of a large chasm, with a small platform
to your left, and an unpleasant member of the Labion population to your

Very carefully, climb down the rope until your feet almost reach the
bottom. Then type SWING to try and move yourself closer to the platform
below. After a few swings on the rope, you'll notice that as you come
closer to the platform, you also come closer to the claws of that
nearby monster. After you've completed about Three full back-and-forth,
type jump off to safely land on the plaform, far out of reach of the
beast behind you. Now, head into the cave ahead.

As you step forward into the dank cavern, you'll quickly notice that
it's become far too dark to navigate through safely. Type USE GEM to
retrieve that glowing gem from your pocket, and use it to illuminate
your surroundings. Now walk left one screen. When you step into this
next area of the cave you quickly lose your footing, and go tumbling
down to the bottom, and back out into the daylight. After you've gotten
up and brushed yourself up, a pair of creatures similar to the grateful
alien that you rescued earlier suddenly appear, and urge you to follow
them. So, walk up to the green rock behind you and type PICK UP GEM to
retrieve your valuable tool, and then walk down one screen.

Down here you'll meet the leader of the small alien race, as he greets
you with open arms. He offers to help you leave the canyon, and then
disappears into the rubble behind him. Walk up to the pair of little
pink aliens and type SAY THE WORD, and they'll create an exit for

Climb down the ladder that they have provided for you, and once again
you find yourself in a cavern, this one much darker than the last. You
are using both your hands to hold onto the edge of the ladder, so type
PUT GEM IN MOUTH to slightly illuminate your path. The grouping of
ladders ahead creates a confusingly repetitive maze, so follow the
directions below exactly.

Climb all the way down to the bottom of this ladder, and when you reach
the bottom of the cavern, start crawling to the right. Continue until
you reach the first ladder. Start climbing down the ladder until you
come to a small tunnel to your right. Head into that tunnel when you
reach it, and crawl all the way to the next ladder. Now start climbing
down that ladder, and enter the next tunnel to your right that you see.
Head down the first ladder you come to inside this tunnel, and climb
into the Second tunnel on your left that you pass by. Crawl down this
tunnel until you pass by three ladders. Take that third ladder down,
and climb into the first right tunnel you come to. Continue crawling to
the right, and you will exit this cavern.

You are now standing to the side of a small pool of water, being fed by
several glistening waterfalls in the background. Step into this water
pool and walk one screen to the right. "Swim" your way around the rock
just above you, and head up through the pathway to the upper-right,
where you will find a very large whirlpool. You can't find the strength
of the current, so you'll just have to sit there and let it whirl you
around right into the center of the water. You will soon after emerge
floating in a small fountain, back on the surface of labion.

Now walk once screen to the right, and walk onto the sandy beach to the
right of the water. Type BLOW WHISTLE to gain the attendance of a local
species of creature known as a "terror beast". He will create a doorway
through the large boulder ahead, but the second he arrives on the scene
you can see the hungry look in his eyes. Type THROW PUZZLE to get him
interested in something else besides yourself. Then, carefully walk
around the beast and up to the doorway he created. Type PICK UP ROCK to
retrieve a small rock lying in the rubble, and then walk upward once

You can see ahead of you is a large white landing pad, being guarded by
a being that resembles one of your earlier captors. Wait until you see
the guard disappear behind the white pillar to the right, and then
quickly walk over to the bush on your left. When you see that guard
start walking back over to the left, type SLING ROCK AT GUARD to take
him out of the picture. After his/hers/its lifeless body hits the
ground, walk over to the white pillar on your right and type PUT CARD
INTO SLOT. Step into the elevator and let it carry you to the top of
the platform.

Carefully walk up to the upper-right corner of the small spacecraft
beside you and type OPEN THE DOOR to unfasten the latch and climb into
the front site. Type PRESS POWER BUTTON to turn the vehicle on, then
type PRESS THRUSTER BUTTON to start up the engines. Next type TURN
ATTITUDE DIAL, and then press the down arrow-key to start your ascent
into the sky. Watch as the spaceship slowly rises up into space, and
when it has reached the necessary altitude, you see that your view has
changed from a blue sky spotted with clouds, to a dark void spotted
with stars.


--- ----==--- Vohaul's New Asteroid Base ---==---- ---

| You lost control of your spacecraft as soon as you caught the |
| attention of a sinister mass of flesh and machinery known as |
| Sludge Vohaul. He has commanded your vehicle to set course |
| for his new galactic base of operations. As you draw closer |
| and closer to this space station, which has been cleverly |
| disguised as a floating asteriod, your ship turns to head for |
| the docking bay. As soon as you set down upon the landing |
| pad, the massive doors behind you slam shut. You step out of |
| your ship, and onto a small platform sitting between two |
| narrow walkways to your right and left. |

Start walking along the narrow blue platform to your right, until you
come to a large elevator shaft. Step through the elevator door and type
PRESS FIVE to head down to the 5th floor of the station. When you reach
you destination, step out of the elevator and walk three screens to the
right. Walk up to the blue door on the upper wall and type PRESS BUTTON
to open the door to the small broom closet. Type TAKE BASKET to pick up
a garbage can, and type TAKE UNIFORM to pick up a pair of janitor's
over-alls. Unforutnately the clothes don't fit, so you quickly toss
them into the corner of the room. You notice something drop out of the
front pocket of the uniform. Type TAKE LIGHTER to collect what fell out
of the pocket; a small disposable lighter.

Now walk three screens back over to your left, and enter the elevator
shaft. Type PRESS FOUR to head up to the fourth floor. Wait a second
inside the elevator for until the cleaning robot on this floor passes
by you and disappears off screen. Then, step out of the elevator and
walk two screens to the right. Walk up to the Men's Room doors directly
above you and type PRESS BUTTON. Then, go ahead and enter the lavatory.
Walk up to the 2nd stall from the right and type OPEN DOOR. Step into
the stall and type TAKE PAPER to tear a couple of toliet paper sheets
from the roll hanging on the wall. Then, turn around and exit the room.

After you've exited the bathroom, walk one screen to the right and up
to the small blue closet door. Type PRESS BUTTON to open the door, and
then walk in and type TAKE GLASSCUTTER to retrieve a small tool that
can slice through glass.

Now exit this small closet, and walk three screens to the left. Enter
the elevator shaft. Your next stop is the 3rd floor, so type PRESS
THREE and you'll be on your way. Once the elevator doors swing open,
step out into the hallway and walk three screens to the right. Step up
to the small blue door that you see just ahead, and type PRESS BUTTON.
Enter this small janitor's closet and type TAKE PLUNGER to retrieve a
tool you are all too familar with. There's nothing else in here worth
taking, so go ahead and exit this closet and walk three screens to the
left. Step back into the elevator shaft and type PRESS ONE to head back
up to the landing platform.

As soon as the elevator doors reopen on the top floor, carefully walk
around the elevator and onto the narrow platform to your right. Go over
just one screen, and then head down the staircase directly below your
disabled spaceship. The door closes behind you as soon as you step off
of the staircase. Try to go both right and left down the hall, so that
the doors will drop down in front of you in an attempt to lock you in.
The floor below you will begin to start sliding away, revealing a
deadly pit of sulfuric acid. Walk all the way over to the left side of
this small platform, and when the floor is almost completely gone
beneath you, type STINK PLUNGER ON WALL. This will keep you safe until
the floor slides back into place. When the floor reappears, type LET GO

In the hallways to your right and left, currently out of your view,
there are droids just waiting to attack you, so we need to take care of
them now. Step over to the water sprinkler on the ceiling to your left,
to create a small fire, which will set off the water sprinklers and
disable all of the nearby robots.

Head two screens over to the right, and you will finally come face to
face with Sludge Vohaul. Apparently, he's been observing you via the
security cameras and has long since knew you were coming. After he has
finsished speaking to you, walk over to his platform and walk up the
small staircase. As soon as you reach the top, you will be shrinked
down to a more "managable" size and placed in a small glass jar. Type
CUT GLASS to use the glass cutter to make yourself a nice doorway, and
then quickly step out of the jar. Walk over to the blue structure to
your left, and type CLIMB INTO VENT to enter the machinery that keeps
Sludge Vohaul alive.

Walk up to the large red button on the wall behind the air pump, and
type PRESS BUTTON to turn off Vohaul's life-support machine. Then turn
around and type CLIMB OUT to exit the machine. Walk one screen over to
the left, and up to the large switch that sits just above the keyboard.
Type PULL SWITCH to turn on the machine, and then type TYPE ENLARGE to
set the laser to 'Enlarge Mode'. Quickly run right one screen and step
back into the glass jar, where the laser will change you back into your
normal size.

Step up to the lifeless body of Vohaul and type SEARCH BODY. You will
not find anything worth taking, but you will see the leters 'SHSR'
written on the back of his hand. Walk up to the computer in front of
Vohaul's chair and type LOOK AT SCREEN. Then, type SHSR, the secret
code which will end the clones' invasion of your home planet. Press F6
to look away from the screen, and then very carefully head up the
very narrow staircase that is directly to your right. Once you reach
the top, you will find yourself standing in glass hallway.

Walk up to the small red box that is on the glass wall behind you and
type OPEN BOX to retrieve a small oxygen mask. Type PUT MASK ON to
place the breathing mask on your face, and then start walking down the
hallway. Walk to the right, then up, then to the right, then down, and
then over to the right again. One of the sheets of glass overhead will
crack, thus comprimising the air pressure in this hallway, but you will
not be adversely affected because you're wearing the oxygen mask. Head
down through the doorway on the bottom, and you will find yourself
standing in a large blue hallway, with alarm lights going off all

Walk two screens to the right, and you will be standing on the large
walkway that runs through the entire station. Follow this walkway until
it leads you back into the blue hallway, and then walk three more
screens to the right. Walk up to the first small door you come to and
type PRESS BUTTON. Then, quickly start running to the left before the
nearby robot catches up to you. Keep moving until you exit the hallway
again and are standing on the blue walkway again. Then step back into
the hallway, go three screens to the right, step up to the open
doorway, and type ENTER ESCAPE POD. If you are fast enough, the doors
will safely close behind you before the deadly droid reaches you.

As soon as you sit down in the escape pod, type PRESS LAUNCH BUTTON to
exit the asteroid base before it explodes with you in it. Now, as the
escape pod goes hurtling into space, you have to enter hypersleep, or
else you will use up all of your oxygen too soon. So, get up from the
pilot's chair and walk over to the upper-right corner of the ship. Type
OPEN CHAMBER to unlatch the plexiglass cover, and finally type ENTER
CHAMBER to climb into the sleep chamber.