Space Quest 2 - Vohauls Revenge

Developer: Sierra
Release Date: 1987

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Extra Files

Hint Book - 6.96 MB - The Official Hint Book for Space Quest 2 (PDF).

The Adventures of Roger Wilco Issue 1 - 6.6 MB - Issue 1 of a comic book series based around the Space Quest games released in 1992 by Adventure Comics.

The Adventures of Roger Wilco Issue 2 - 4.9 MB - Issue 2 of a comic book series based around the Space Quest games released in 1992 by Adventure Comics.

The Adventures of Roger Wilco Issue 3 - 4.39 MB - Issue 3 of a comic book series based around the Space Quest games released in 1992 by Adventure Comics.


As Space Quest 2 begins, our Hero, Roger Wilco, is on board of the Orbital Station 4 as non-other than Ace Janitor, doing what he does best (sweeping up debris in a pressure suit on the outer hull of the station). Just before he finishes up, his boss beeps him on his wrist watch to inform Roger that a new ship has arrived, and it is to no surprise that his boss orders him to go clean up the mess inside of it. So Roger makes his way to the inside of the Space Station, changes out of his pressure suit, and advances into the shuttle bay. As he enters the ship, he starts sniffing around for the mess he must clean, but quick as a whistle, two thugs knock Roger unconscious. After an interesting dream, Roger awakens in front of a sagging mash of flesh. Soon after he realizes that it is not a sagging mash of flesh he's in front of, it's non-other than Sludge Vuhoul. Sludge Vuhoul sentences Roger to a life time at the Labion mines, where he shall live out the rest of his days as a slave. But before he goes, in typical Villainous fashion, he tells Roger his diabolical plan for revenge. Will he infect the population with the plague? Maybe he will use his meteor space station to blow up the planet? No, no, too obvious... He intends to infest Roger's home planet of Xenon with thousands of engineered door-to-door life insurance salesmen, which he feels confident will get him revenge on all the scientists who mocked him. So Roger makes his way to the planet surface and onto a hovercraft, where two guards lead him to the mining colony. But part way there the hovercraft, to the guard's surprise, runs out of fuel. As the guards argue about who was the last one to fill up the tank, the hovercraft submits to the gravitational pull and all three passengers fall to the ground. To Roger's amazement he lands straight on one of the guards which seemed to have softened his fall (none of the guards were so lucky). And so our Hero, Roger Wilco, is stranded on the planet of Labion, with 2 dead guards and a smashed up hovercraft, and only his ace janitorial skills to aid him. Will he get out alive? Will he be able to save his home planet of Xenon before the thousands of door-to-door insurance salesmen gets deployed all over his land? Will this review ever end?

This game was made back in 1987, and was the last Space Quest game to use Sierra's AGI engine (The one that was made for King's Quest 1). Though the games music was still being played through the internal speakers, they did improve the sound from 1 tone to 3 simultaneous tones. The puzzles were not too difficult, but like many other older Sierra adventures, if you miss an object, or event, you will eventually make it to a point where you cannot continue, and you will be forced to return to an earlier save time. So it is always a good idea to continuously save as many different save files as you can. You use the same parser interface as in the first Space Quest (you remember... "LOOK" or "DIVE"), which pretty much controls everything you do (except walking of course). Overall the game is short but sweet, giving you a great wacky story that you'd expect from the Space Quest saga.

In the end this game came between the best selling Space Quest 1, and the most popular Space Quest 3, therefore this game always seems to get over-looked by the general adventure fans. But the truth of the matter is that you have a well put together Space Quest adventure that I believe should not be missed out by anyone remotely interested in this style of game-play. It is definitely like that second ice cream bar. It tastes just a good as the first, but since you just finished the first, the second doesn't seem as good. But if you wait just long enough to get that craving back, then you'll realize that this game is surely one you cannot miss out on.

By: Faeran