Walkthrough - King's Quest 1




You start the game in an area near the castle. Cross the bridge and walk up to
the doors of the castle. "Open doors". North. West. Walk up to the start of the
steps. "Bow to king". "Talk king". East. South. South. West. Go behind the rock
and type "push rock". "Get dagger". North. "Climb tree". Walk along the branch
of the tree to the nest. "Get egg". Climb down from the tree. West. West.

"Cut rope". Walk to the top-right corner of the well and "lower rope". "Climb
rope". Climb down into the well. Climb down to the bottom of the rope and
Graham will fall into the water. "Dive". Swim into the hole at the bottom-left
corner of this area, and you should arrive in the cave of a dragon. Exit the
cave to refill the bucket, and then enter the cave again. Walk close to the
dragon, and type "throw water". "Get mirror".

Walk into the water to refill the bucket, and then enter the cave again. West.
West. South. South. "Look in stump". "Get pouch". "Open pouch". West. North.
North. West. Walk over to the four-leaf clover. "Get clover". South. A fairy
should show up and give you a spell that will protect you. West. Walk onto the
garden. "Get carrot". North. North. West. "Get bowl". "Read bowl". West. "Get
walnut". "Open walnut". North. East. "Get pebbles". North. West. West. West.
Enter the house. "Give bowl". "Fill". "Get fiddle". Exit the house.

South. South. "Eat house". "Open door". Enter the bedroom and wait for the
witch to enter the house and move to the stove. Walk up to the witch, and type
"push witch". "Open cupboard". "Get cheese". "Get note". "Read note". Exit the
house. West. South. South. "Open gate". Walk near the goat and type "show
carrot". Exit the pen, and the goat should be following. South. South. South.
West. Start to cross the bridge and the goat will hit the troll out of the way.
West. "Talk gnome". He will ask you to guess his name. "Ifnkovhgroghprm". "Get
beans". East. East. "Plant beans". A huge beanstalk will grow from the ground.

"Climb beanstalk". Up. Up. Up. Walk east along the clouds. East. South. East.
East. "Look in hole". "Get sling". North. West. Try and get the giant caught
behind the tree so that he can no longer follow you. Wait behind the tree until
the giant falls asleep. "Get chest". East. Enter the cave and walk down all of
the steps to the exit. East. Wait for the elf to appear. "Talk elf". North.
East. East. South. East. East. Wait until the bird appears.

Walk behind the rock on the east side of this area, and type "jump" when the
bird is flying above Graham. The bird will take you to a new location. West.
"Get mushroom". East. Fall down the hole. South. West. Walk close to the rat
and type "give cheese to rat". "Open door". "Play fiddle". South. "Get
sceptre". "Get shield". West. "Eat mushroom". Go through the hole. East. North.
North. East. "Open door". North. West. "Bow" to complete the game.