King's Quest 1 - Quest for the Crown

Developer: Sierra
Release Date: 1984
261 KB
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Hint Book - 6.2 MB - The Official Hint Book for King's Quest 1 (PDF).

Hint Map - 387 KB - The Official Hint Map for King's Quest 1 (PDF).


It all began in 1983 when IBM made a new computer and wanted a game that would show off the capabilities of their system. They asked Sierra to make a game that would support 16 colors and 128K of memory. Since sound cards were not yet supported, the music played through the internal speaker. Roberta started to work on this new game, and one year later King's Quest: Quest for the Crown was born! Unfortunately, the new IBM PCjr was ill-fated, and the sale of the title soured. The game only became an industry bestseller the following year when it was released for the IBM PC and new Tandy 1000 computers. It was the first game to fully support EGA graphics.

By: Unknown