Stay Tooned!

Developer: Funnybone Interactive
Release Date: 1996
313 MB
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So there you are, sitting on your chair, about to enjoy some TV. You start flipping through the channels when you notice a sparkling red button located on the bottom of your remote. Of course your curiosity gets the best of you and you press that red button (never press the red button!). All of a sudden your TV explodes, unleashing cartoon characters all over your apartment, and better yet, your remote control was lost in the explosion somewhere in your apartment complex. Now your only hope is to find your remote so you can send all the toons back into the TV.

Right off the get go this game surrounds you with hilarious situations as you go explore your apartment for your remote. The game sports a very simplistic first person point and click system (very similar to Myst) with an all around light atmosphere. The main premise of the game is to go around the 5 floors of the apartment, collecting keys to open the various doors on each floor, all in an effort to eventually find your remote. The game is littered with mini-games, and hilarious mini-skits that will keep you entertained for hours. The game itself is not frustratingly hard except for the fact that the apartment rooms are located on different floors each time you play through the game.

The graphics are very similar to the other cartoon games Sierra made during this time period. With similarities to games like Torin's Passage, The Bizarre Adventure's of Woodruff and the Schnibb, and King's Quest 7, the cartoonie graphics suits this game much better than some of the others. You'll also find that the music and the voice acting is very well done and sets the hilarious nature of the game.

Overall what you have here is a fun, remote seeking adventure that will keep you laughingly entertained for as long as you play. With the fact that each of the apartment rooms are located on different floors each time you play, you should get a nice replay value out of this game. Top it off with a bunch of humorously funny mini-games scattered throughout, and you got yourself a solid game, and a great addition to anyone's Sierra Collection.

By: Faeran