Walkthrough - Sam & Max

                Sam and Max Hit the Road   -   Solution

There are many possible actions in this game, which are not needed to
solve the game, you'll find nothing about them in this solve, check'em out
by yourself, you cannot die !

Here a list of possible mouse-cursor-functions
I'll try to use only this expressions in the whole solve :

Go To : Hand with two fingers down

Look : An Eye
If the eye is open, you can get information about the object

Pick Up : A Shake-Hand/Fist
The Hand changes into a fist, if you move the Cursor over an
item which possibly can be picked up

Talk : A mouth
If it is open, you can try to talk
If a talk is available, you have 4 basic choices :
1st Icon = ? : Starts any conversation
2nd Icon = ! : Useless
3rd Icon = Duck : Useless
4th Icon = Hand : Ends conversation
(If no other options except the 1st 4 icons are available, you
have to click at the ? to get further choices BY YOURSELF,

Use : A Hand with a green living "thing" in it
If the "thing" is pressed, you can possibly use whatever is
under the Cursor

Locations :

1 : Sam & Max's Home
1.1 : Sam & Max's office
1.2 : The street in front of the office

2 : A Burger-Shop
2.1 : In front of any Burger-Shop
2.2 : Inside any Burger shop

3 : Carnival
3.1 : Carnival entrance / Lost & Found
3.2 : The Hall of Oddities
3.3 : Wak-a-Rat / In front of the Trailer / Cone of Tragedy
3.4 : Inside the Trailer
3.5 : In front of the Tunnel of Love
3.6 : Inside the Tunnel of Love
3.7 : Hidden Room inside the Tunnel of Love

4 : World of Fish

5 : World largest Twine Ball
5.1 : In front of the Twine Ball
5.2 : Twine Ball Museum
5.3 : On Top of the Twine Ball Right Hand Side
5.4 : Twine Ball Restaurant
5.5 : On Top of the Twine Ball Left Hand Side

6 : Gator Golf Emporium
6.1 : Entrance
6.2 : Driving Range
6.3 : Dunk the Beast Isle

7 : Mystery Vortex
7.1 : In front of the Cave Entrance
7.2 : Inside the main Hall
7.3 : Museum Gift Shop / Mini Vortex
7.4 : Inside the Mirror
7.5 : Shuv-Oohl's Room

8 : Frog Rock

9 : Bumpusville
9.1 : In front of the House
9.2 : Entrance Hall
9.3 : Monster-Truck-Bed / Toupee
9.4 : Library / Virtual Reality Room
9.5 : John Muir Picture
9.6 : Stage-Room

10 : Savage Jungle Inn
10.1: In front of the Inn
10.2: Entrance Hall
10.3: Party Hall
10.4: Kitchen
10.5: Swimming Pool
10.6: Sasquatch Chief / Pool of Decadence

11 : Mount Rushmore Dinosaur Tarpit and Bungee Jumping National Park
11.1: At the Car
11.2: T-Rex and Mammoth
11.3: Tarpit / Entrance to the Bungee-Jumping
11.4: Bungee-Jumping

12 : Celebrity Vegetable Museum

1.1 : Pick up the mouse hole -> money
Go to the right, pick up the black light

1.2 : Use Max with cat (left one) -> Orders from the Commissioner
Use car

2.1 : Pick up cup (right)
Go to the door

2.2 : Pick Up Candys (on top of the left shelf)
Walk around until Max wants to go to the bathroom,
Then talk to the shopkeeper -> Click on candys to buy them
-> Click on toilet to get the Key to the
Max leaves the shop, follow him immediately

2.1 : When Max returns, he'll stop for a very short time near the horse, talk
to him -> Click at the key icon -> he'll give you the bathroom key
(The Key is attached to a Rasp !)
Use the car

3.1 : Use orders from the commissioner with the Fire-spitting Man

3.2 : You'll get a ticket for the Tunnel of Love
Pick up Sasquatch Hair (left from Brunos melted Ice-Block)
Go to the left side of the Tent and Pick up the Jar (Jesse James severed
Go through the exit to the right

3.3 : Pass the Trailer and Pick up the Lens in the Wak-a-Rat tent
Use the Wak-a-Rat Game, you have to hit 20 Rats in 40secs, if you hit
Max, you'll get a penalty of 5sec -> You win a flashlight
Use Black light with Flashlight
Go to the left, talk with the guy sitting there -> Click at Cone of
Tragedy Icon
Click at your inventory to see, that you have lost it (Do this !)
After looking at the inventory talk again with the guy -> Ask for your
-> You'll get a ticket for the Lost & Found
Go to the back between the Trailer and the Wak-a-Rat Tent (-> 3.1)

3.1 : Go into the Lost and Found tent -> Inventory + a Fish Magnet
Look at the Fish -> New Location on the map (4)
Go to the left into the Back between the closed tent and the Hall of
Oddities -> 3.5

3.5 : Use the Swan

3.6 : You'll have to do this very quick:

Type "I" for Inventory, Use Flashlight, Type "I" again
Use Flashlight with any wall in the Back (now you can see something at
the walls)
Type "I", Use Max, Type "I"
Move the Max-Mousecursor over the walls until you make out a Fuse Box
Click on it with Max and if you are near enough the Swan will stop and
you can Go into the Picture to the Right

Use the Beard of the Man to the Right
-> Hidden door opens, Go through it

3.7 : Talk to the Mole Man
You'll get many informations about Bruno the Sasquatch, during the
conversation you'll have to give him the candys
You'll get a crowbar for the candys and a new location (5)
Switch the lever besides the door and leave

3.3 : Use the Crowbar on the door of the trailer

3.4 : Open(Use) the wardrobe and get the card -> New location (6)
Open(Use) the Hope chest -> Costume
Leave the carnival

5.1 : Go to the Tram Station to the right
Wait until the Skycar arrives and the door opens, enter Skycar

5.3 : Go inside the Elevator

5.4 : Pick up the wires, then connect the wires with the Binoculars,
use the magnifiyng lens with the Binoculars
Talk to the Guru -> Click on the Spanner Icon -> You'll get one
Use the Elevator and then the skycar

5.1 : Use the Car

4 : Pick up bucket of fish
Go To the plastic fish, standing in the water
Use the spanner with the metal pole, which is connected to the fish
Use(Enter) the Fish, Use Max with the fish
A helicopter will appear and take Sam & Max to 5.5

5.5 : Use Max with the loose end of the Twine ball
You will be thrown off the ball, but the piece of twine is in your
Wait for your car and leave

6.1 : Pick up Broken golf ball retriever out of the trashcan

6.2 : Max will be imprisoned, to get him free, you'll have to build a bridge
of alligators from the shore to the little island, where Max is captured

Pick up bucket of golf balls, put the bucket of fish onto the same place
Use a golf club, Aim the bottom of the flag at the X (X1,X2) Marks

dunk the beast

clown XAlligator | windmill
______/ Alligator--X \________

_ snake head
--Alligator- \______/

X2 -----AlligatorX1 /
______ |
\ AlligaX2----- X1 |
/ ________ \
/ \

6.3 : Use the glass door
-> sasquatch hair
Use the other door and pick up Sno Globe -> New Location (7)
Leave 6

2.2 : Give Jar with Jesse James Hand to the shopkeeper, he'll open the Jar
-> Hand
Attach the hand to the golf ball retriever, attach the Fish magnet
to the ball retriever

5.2 : Use modified Golf ball retriever with Twine Ball -> Shuv Oohl's ring

7.1 : Enter the Cave

7.2 : Go through the curtain in the right back

7.3 : Pick up Sasquatch Hair from the melted Bert Ice-Block

7.2 : Look at the doors, they do have different colors, you can change
the color of the magnet cave (7.4) to the colors of every door, try the
combinations of magnets and door colors to enter every door.

Use the Mirror -> 7.4

7.4 : Pull the levers of the 3 Magnets to generate the colors of the doors
at 7.2

1 2 3 (positions of the magnets in the cave)

1 : Red
2 : Blue
3 : Yellow
1+2 : Violet
1+3 : Orange
2+3 : Green
1+2+3 : White

7.2 : Open door by door until you find Shuv Oohl

7.5 : Talk to Shuv Oohl -> Ask for Bruno
You'll have to give him the ring and get some information
about frog rock, a new location (8) and he gives you a mystic mole man
The mole tells you between which known places the rock may be found
Write this down !!

5.4 : Use the binoculars
You can find the places, the mole talked about, through the binoculars
Use the left and right mouse button at the lever to change the direction
and scrollspeed.
Between the two places, you see a Rock, now you have to stop the
scrolling of the binoculars -> New location (8)
("Q" to exit from the binoculars)

8 : Put the 3 Sasquatch hair pieces onto the left side of the Frog Rock
Then spill the powder over the hair
-> New Location (9)

9.1 : Use Door

9.2 : Go through the door to the right

9.3 : Go to the bed
Pick up Pillow
Use golf ball retriever with the bookshelf over the door
-> Informations about cleaning robots

9.2 : Search the Cleaning Robot, use it -> You'll see a brain with some
wires connected to it, put the blue wire into the empty slot on the left
and exit (press "Q");
The guard will leave his room, enter it (to the right and then back,
where you can see a green light/curtain)

9.4 : Use the virtual reality device

Virtual World :
- Pick up sword
- Click at Cave
- Click with sword at the dragon and kill him
- Pick up Heart
-> Key for Room 9.6

9.5 : (Go to the left from the Entrance Hall)
Pick up Portrait of John Muir (On the wall in the Back)
(Go to the left)

9.6 : Listen to Bumpus....or press Esc
Use the Key in the keyhole from the bell
-> New Location (10)

10.1: Enter the Inn behind the Car

10.2: Talk to the Girl
-> When you finish the conversation, you'll get a few brochures
Look at the brochures -> 2 New Locations (11 + 12)

Give the Rasp to the Sasquatch

11.1: Go to the T-Rex/Mammoth

11.2: Use Max with the Mammoth
-> Wool

Click ot the Speaker from the T-Rex, right when his mouth is openend,
change the mouse cursor, so the mouth stay open
Use the Twine at the Mouth, Use Max with the other end of the Twine
-> Dinosaur Tooth
Go to the Tarpit/Bungee Jumpers

11.3: Go to the Right and Use the Elevator

11.4: Use the Cup with the golf ball retriever, use the changing room
to the right, once you are changed use the Bungee-cord
You'll fall to 11.3
11.3 -> Use golf-ball retriever with tarpit -> bunch of tar
Use the changing room again

12 : Go to the right, get a vegetable out of the box
(it looks like Bumpus Head)
Give the portrait of John Muir to the Woman -> She'll let a vegetable
grow, looking like John Muir (this takes a while)

9.3 : Use The Bumpus-Vegetable with the toupee
-> Toupee

12 : Talk to woman -> John Muir Vegetable

10.2: Use the Tar with the Costume, use the Mammoth Wool with the Costume,
use the Toupee with the Costume, Use the Costume
-> You may enter the Party Hall

10.3: Pick Up Wine bottle
Go through the Door in the Back left Corner of the Party Hall

10.4: Pick Up Ice Pick
Open the door in the back -> Bumpus enters the kitchen
Use the Costume (inventory)
-> Bumpus enters the Freezer
Use the Door to the Freezer -> Bumpus is imprisoned
-> The Sasquatch chief will take you to the Swimmingpool, where you
can see the 4 Bigfoot totem poles

10.5: The Chief tells you, that you shall retrieve the 4 Bigfoot Totems

When he leaves, click (Go To) near the end of the building to the
right ->10.6

10.6: Give the Tooth to the Chief
Give the John Muir Vegetable to the Chief
Give the Pillow to the Chief


5.4: Give the Ice Pick to the Guru -> Corkscrew
Use the Corkscrew with the Wine Bottle -> Cork
Use the Cork with the Sno Globe

7.3: Use the Mini Vortex
When the vortex starts, use the Sno Globe with the Mini Vortex
-> Sno Globe with Vortex inside

10.6: Give the Sno Globe to the Chief

The End