Walkthrough - Lost in Time CD Version

                          Lost In Time Solve

-=-=-=-=- Part I - The Briscarde -=-=-=-=-

How do I escape the Hold?

Look behind the barrel. Take the lamp. Using the lamp, look behind the barrels.
Take the sponge. Use the lamp on the trapdoor to go down to the bilge.

What should I do in the Bilge?

Look in the cask. Take the palm oil. Use the oil on the pump handle. Pump the
handle. Look behind the chain and take the corkscrew. Return to the Hold.

I've returned to the Hold. How do I get out of here?

Put the sponge in the bucket of water. Use the wet sponge to remove the poster.
You will see a knothole. Use the corkscrew on the knothole. Talk to Yoruba.
Take the knife he offers you. Use the knife to carve a step in the post. You
can now climb up to the Mid Deck.

What should I do when I reach the Mid Deck?

You must try to open the stuck door. To open the door, take a towel from one of
the three containers along the wall. Use the towel to pull the ring attached to
the stone plate. You will find a secret compartment. Take the soap and use it
on the rusted cannon to make soap shavings. Use the shavings on the sliding
door. Talk to Melkior.

-=-=-=-=- Part II - Flashback to the Manor de la Prunliere -=-=-=-=-

What should I do at the Manor gate?

Examine the tractor carefully. It has the items you need to open the gate. On
the top of the cab, you should see a basket. Look in the basket and take the
apple. Take the battery. Inspect the toolbox a couple of times. Take the empty
cigarette pack and the small pipe. Give the horse the apple to make him move
out of the way. Take the dart and the note attached to the gate. Using the
small pipe, take some acid from the battery. Use the acid to erode the lock. Go
through the gate.

How do I enter the Manor?

Go to the North side of the Lighthouse. Take the bottle in front of the barrel.
Go to the Manor door. Take the portrait above the door. Take the wire the
portrait hung on. Take the door handle. Fill the battery with vinegar. Coil the
wire around the door handle and attach it to the battery to build an
electromagnet. Use the dart to push the key out of the keyhole. Use the
electromagnet to pull the key through the space under the door. Use the key to
unlock the door and enter the Manor.

What should I do inside the Manor?

Find the fuse box just to the left of the fireplace. Remove and take the copper
wire to open it. Take the can of resin. Open the cigarette pack and take the
foil. Repair the blown fuse with the foil. Take the roasting spit on the
andirons in the fireplace. Take the oar from the wall recess.

How do I open the Crypt Vault?

First, repair the fuse in the Manor. Put the portrait from the Manor in the
notch in the steps. A code lock will be revealed. You will need to enter the
correct number to open the code lock. Subtract the two dates you see on the
lock to find Philibert's age when he died. Enter this number in the code lock.
Click on the cross and an elevator will appear.

How do I use the Elevator? Where does it lead?

You should have the code from the shipwreck before taking the elevator. The
shipwreck is visible from inside the Lighthouse. Once you have, use the
elevator to descend into the Crypt. If the elevator doors are closed, open them
by pressing on the portrait in the steps.

How do I enter the Lighthouse?

First, open the Crypt Vault. Go to the North side of the Lighthouse. You will
find a full barrel. Use the dart you found at the Manor gate to remove the cork
and empty the barrel. Move the empty barrel into place so you can reach the
basement window. Use the roasting spit from the Manor to break the basement
window. Take the hose from the North side of the Lighthouse. Attach one end of
the hose to the Lighthouse door. Attach the other end to the Crypt Vault
elevator rail. Send the elevator down to open the Lighthouse door.

What do I do inside the Lighthouse?

Take the wooden shoe on the steps. Examine the shoe to find a key. The key
opens the basement. Go to the second floor of the Lighthouse. Open the desk
drawer. Take the book page and the acid solution. Use the field glasses to scan
the ocean. Find the wrecked ship. Click on the ship to get a close-up. Click
again to get a close-up view of the bow. Note the order and color of the
symbols on the bow. For example, yellow sword, green cannon, and red
cannonball. Write this information down. Use the oar from the Manor to open the
cupboard. Take the razor. Go the third floor of the Lighthouse. Take the bottle
of kerosene from behind the curtains. Use the razor to cut a piece of the
curtain. Return to the first floor and unlock the basement. Open the valve on
the left-hand side of the screen. Pick up a piece of glass from the broken
window. Go to the Crypt Vault and use the elevator.

What do I do in the Crypt?

Use the shipwreck code to open the trunk. Take the ship's log and the
fiberglass. Climb on a barrel and take a bottle of cider. You need the solvent
that is on top of the center beam. Select the cider bottle cork from your
inventory. Point the cork cursor at the top center beam. Move it across the top
of the screen until you see the "Use CORK on BOTTLE" message. Click your mouse
and the cork will pop out of the bottle, knock the solvent container to the
ground, and fly out the window. Take the solvent. You will need the cork again,
but you will have to retrieve it from the Garden Well!

How do I get my cork back?

Use the garden hose to fill the Garden Well and float the cork to the surface.
You must repair the garden hose to use it. Attach the hose to the faucet. To
repair the hose, use the piece of fiberglass that you found in the Crypt and
the can of resin from the Manor. Hook the hose up to the faucet. Put the other
end of the hose in the well. Turn on the faucet. Click on the Garden Well to
get a close-up view. When the well is full, you can take the cork.

How do I open the gate in the Lighthouse basement?

You must have the wooden shoe, the piece of broken glass, and the acid solution
from the Lighthouse. You will also need the roasting spit from the Manor, and
some rust remover from the Crypt. Pour acid solution on the algae. Scrape the
algae off with the broken glass. Use the rust remover on the mechanism. Use the
roasting spit to open the gate.

How do I fix the boat? How do I use the boat?

Bail the water out of the boat with the shoe you found on the Lighthouse steps.
Place the piece of curtain from the Lighthouse on the hole. Finish plugging the
hole with the cork you retrieved from the garden well. Use the oar from the
Manor to paddle the boat.

-=-=-=-=- Part III - The Fisherman's Cabin and return to the Manor -=-=-=-=-

What do I do at the Fisherman's Cabin?

Go inside. Open the dresser and take the ship-in-a-bottle and the bottle of
nuoc-mam. Look inside the basket on the table a few times. Take the
handkerchief, a nail, and a piece of bread. Take the notebook under the chair
leg. Move the chair under the chandelier. Use the chair to reach the chain
holding the chandelier. Use the nail on the top of the chain to remove the

What do I do on the beach? How do I get back to the Manor?

Use the nuoc-mam from the Cabin on the piece of bread. Throw the piece of bread
onto the roof. After the gulls knock the buoy off the roof, use the razor on it
to cut the rope. Click on the chandelier in your inventory. It will change to
an anchor. Attach the rope to the anchor to make a grapple. Use the grappling
hook on the top of the cliff to climb back to the Manor garden.

How do I start a fire in the fireplace?

Take the fire extinguisher. Take the log by the Manor door. Cut a piece of
hardened hose with the razor to make a club. Use the club on the
ship-in-a-bottle to get the matches. Get the items from the Lighthouse basement
you left there. Use the club to open the barrel. Return to the Manor. Enter the
Manor and go to the fireplace. Get the iron rod leaning against the wall to the
left of the fireplace. Put the rod on the fireplace grate. contacts. Put the
log, handkerchief, and kerosene in the fireplace. Strike a match on the empty
match box from cigarette pack and light the fire. When you have successfully
built the fire, a secret panel will appear.

How do I open the secret panel?

Place the open barrel on the flagstone in front of the Manor fireplace. Seal
the hole in the barrel with a candle from the chandelier you took from the
Fisherman's Cabin. Fill the barrel with sand from the trunk using the wooden

I've opened the secret passage. What do I do?

Look at the mast and take the pliers. Put the floats on the floor in front of
the wooden box. Use the copper wire on the electric wire to divert the current.
Cut the electric wire with the pliers. Use the small pipe on the puddle to fill
it with water. Pour the water on the lock. Use the fire extinguisher to freeze
the lock. Break the frozen lock with the club. You will find a sarcophagus in
the open crate.

-=-=-=-=- Part IV - Return to the Briscarde -=-=-=-=-

What is my goal now that I have returned to the Briscarde?

Your objective is to free Melkior.

What do I do on the Mid Deck?

Take the hook from the door. Take the oar located by the cannonballs. Use the
pliers to remove a wooden pin from the ship.

What do I do in the Hold?

Use the hook to open the trunk. Take the clothes and the ribbon by opening the
trunk twice. The trunk has a false bottom. However, you will need a dagger to
open the compartment. When you find the dagger, return and take the beauty
powder and the handkerchief by opening the false bottom twice. Take the nail
located under the stool by the anchor.

How do I free Melkior?

You need to find Melkior a "saw" so he can be cut free. Connect the oar and the
wooden pin with the ribbon. Use the pliers to twist the nail. Attach the
twisted nail to the oar/wooden pin to make a boat hook. Use the boat hook to
pull the halyard in the closet. Look at the end of the halyard. Stick the
corkscrew into the notch in the wall. Attach the halyard to the corkscrew. Look
through the porthole to see the rope. Pull the rope to bring up the bucket.
Look in the bucket 3 times. You will see a saw. Take it. Retrieve the corkscrew
from the notch in the wall.

What do I do in the Captain's Cabin?

Take the flag from the stern balcony. Look at the desk. Take the silver key
from under the desk chair. Open both the bedroom dresser doors in the chamber.
Take the bottle of smelling salts from the left side and the bowl from the
right side. Take the brass key from under the rug in the wash room. Use the
brass key to open the desk drawer. Take the blotter from the drawer. Pull the
drawer out a second time. Take the dagger from the drawer. Use the dagger to
cut the rug over the trapdoor in the chamber. Later, when you have a seal ring,
you will be able to open the dresser in the Captain's wash room by using the
ring on the notch. This will reveal a secret passage.

What do I do in the Office?

Get the seal ring from the drawer of the secretary. Take the golden cage from
behind the red velvet curtains in the corner.

What do I do in the Music Room?

Take the record from the low table. Take the phonograph from behind the counter
of the 60's style bar.

How do I open the cupboard in the Captain's Cabin?

To open the cupboard you must capture the parrot and have the silver key. Once
you open the cupboard, you will find a jewelry case with an iron key in it.

How do I capture the parrot?

You must have the phonograph and the record from the Music Room. You must also
have the cage, the bowl, the acid solution (paint remover), the smelling salts,
and the flag. Place the phonograph on the table. Put the record on the
phonograph. Turn the handle and push the start button. Place the cage on the
piece of furniture. Take the banana slices from the dish in the corner of the
chamber. Put the banana slices in the cage. Place the bowl to the right of the
cupboard on the bench under the parrot, Galipo. Pour the muriatic acid solution
(paint remover) and the ammonia smelling salts in the bowl. When the parrot is
in the cage, cover it with the flag.

How do I get the silver key to the cupboard?

You must have the polish, the handkerchief and the blotter. Use the polish on
the handkerchief to clean the sink in the wash room. Use the blotter on the
sink and write down the combination (3E21). Look at the firing cannons to move
the painting and reveal the safe. Use the combination from the washroom sink to
open the safe. Take the small box from the safe. To open the box, turn it to
the right. While looking at the left side, click on the top of the box. Take
the little gold key. Turn the box again. While facing the front, click on the
middle section. With the lock exposed, unlock the box using the little gold
key. Take the revolver.

How do I open the locked doors in the upper deck hallway?

Go to the cellar. Look at the post. Use the corkscrew on the opening. Take the
master key from the opening. The master key fits the locks to both the "very
elegant door" and the "mysterious door" in the storage room. Use the beauty
powder to climb up the cellar post.

How do I rescue Yoruba?

Use the towel from the mid deck to pull the ring. A wooden panel will open
revealing a secret compartment. Place the bird cage on the bottom of the secret
compartment. Pick up the cage. A rod over the trapdoor lock will slide to one
side. Use the iron key from the dresser in the captain's cabin to open the lock
on the trapdoor. You'll find Yoruba. Use the pliers to hold the door in the
mast open. Take the cotton bale from behind the locked sarcophagus. Place the
cotton bale at the bottom of the mast. Use the boat hook to make a bottle of
rum fall from the shelf onto the bale. Find the shiny necklace in the crevice
of the floor. Use a metal object in your inventory (revolver, pliers,
corkscrew) to get the necklace. Use the magnetic necklace on the revolver.
Shoot the shackles off Yoruba. Use the wet sponge on the bottle of rum to
remove the label. Use the label on Melkior to show him the coordinates of the
Island of St. Cristobald.

-=-=-=-=- Part V - The Island of St. Cristobald -=-=-=-=-

I've arrived on the beach at St. Cristobald. What should I do?

Listen to Yoruba. Head for the waterfall.

What should I do at the waterfall?

Use the corkscrew to make a hole in the coconut located on the ground beside
the waterfall. Use the small pipe to get some coconut milk. Give the small pipe
of milk to the manicou. Use the flag on the manicou. Use the parrot on the

How do I get inside Makandal's hut?

Use the flat key on the cage. You'll find several gold pieces in the false
bottomed cage. Put the gold pieces in the door's slot.

What should I do at Delia's hut?

Timing is tricky here. Just before you enter the hut, save your game. When
Delia searches for her glasses, take the recipe book. You only get one chance
before she finds her glasses. Wait until Delia leaves the room, then use the
mirror on the spider. Take the silk blouse.

What do I do in Makandal's hut?

Place the holocom on the table. Open the window. Start the holocom by clicking
on it. When Makandal becomes frightened, pour Delia's potion into Makandal's
glass. After Makandal drinks Delia's potion, take the glass.

Where should I go after I've been in Makandal's hut?

Return to Delia's hut and meet with Velvet and Celeucie.

How do I communicate with Serapion?

Go to Delia's hut and she will give you an "inverter." Then go to Makandal's
cabin. He'll give you some "bequiet". Use the "inverter" on the "bequiet" to
create the "speakable". Use the "speakable" on Serapion and you'll be able to
talk to him.

How do I get past the mean dog near Serapion's hut?

Talk to Serapion twice. After you talk to him a second time, he'll give you
some coarse salt. Use the "inverter" on the salt to turn it into sugar. Use the
sugar on the mean dog.

What should I do in the Kitchen?

Get rid of the snake in the crib. Take the bag from the table. Look in your
inventory and click on the bag. Click on the flower to remove it from the bag.
Use the bag on the fire to take some embers. Now place the bag on the stool.
When the snake crawls into the bag, place the bag on the embers of the fire.

How do I defeat Jarlath?

Use the flower you took from the bag on the table on Jarlath. He will fall to
his death in the ravine. Congratulations! You've won Lost in Time.