Walkthrough - Labyrinth

Labyrinth - Walkthrough

Type in your name, gender and favorite color. The color will actually
determine the difficulty of your game, among other things. NOTE: I chose
the color Blue for the following walkthrough. Choosing another color may
mean that some of the doorways will lead you to different areas than what
I've specified. Be prepared to take your own notes as you explore the

FAQ: Can I catch the Owl, or enter the Cigar Store?

ANSWER: No to both questions. The Owl is Jareth, who is spying on you. The
Cigar Store is a joke, refering to a brand of cigars called White Owl.

Go Home. Take [camcorder]. For fun: Go East. Go Dinner. Eat Dinner.
Complain. :)

Go Outside. Go North. Give Nickel. (The beggar will speak a word like
"Plastics" or "Jaggies" This word may come in handy later in the game. It
it rumored that the beggar is actually Jareth in disguise.) For fun: Go
Beggar. (Note: DON'T give the beggar any dollars!)

Go East. Go South. Look [at posters]. Go West. Go Theater. Give Dollar
Bill [you actually give 5 dollars with this command, leaving you with $4].
Go Theater again.

Go North. Look [at popcorn menu]. Give Dollar Bill [you're left with $2].
Take [the two quarters]. Take [the nickel]. (For fun: Go North.) Go

For fun: Go East [see a different movie!]. Go West.

Go South. Look [you're sitting next to a cute person who is the opposite
gender of what you chose for yourself. Unfortunately, a geeky kid the same
gender as you happens along. Give Popcorn, if you want to (it's not an
essential part of the game). You can either Complain to get rid of the geek
right away, or Look several times in a row if you want to hear a lot of
babble. However, if you wait too long before Complaining, your cute friend
will desert you. Either way, the movie will begin . . . .


[After Jareth's speech]

Enter the open doorway. It slams shut behind you, trapping you inside the
Labyrinth. There's no turning back now!

FAQ: Will I find anything interesting if I go to the left or right of the
gate before going in?

ANSWER: No, you will not. I traveled over 100 wall sections to the right
and found absolutely nothing. The walk back was just as long. Don't


Walk along to the left until you find a rock. Take [the rock]. Continue
walking to the left until you encounter a log, which you must Take. Keep on
walking until you meet Hoggle. Despite what he says, he really isn't all
that helpful in this game, but you can make him smile by giving him your
Ticket (though you might want to hold on to it). He'll say something
different if you Ask Hoggle when he's smiling. Still not much of a help,

Enter the wall anyplace where you see graffiti ("Where is the door?" "The
door is where you find it," "Have you found the door yet?" etc.) No matter
which message you go through, you will end up in the Brick Hallway, although
each "door" will take you to a different part of it.


Depending on which graffiti message you entered, you will either appear in
the section with the Peach, the section with the Crystal Ball or the section
with the Goblin (listen for his clunky footsteps. If you hear the latter,
run away from the Goblin and duck into a doorway).

Take the Peach you find lying on the floor. The vending machine in this
area will give you a rock for a quarter. Save your money -- you'll find
plenty of rocks for free later. Go to the door on the far left and Open it.
Enter the doorway.

Pick up the Crystal Ball you'll find on the floor of this section. Here,
the vending machine is worth using -- you'll get a bottle of perfume for a
quarter (but only one, then the machine goes out of order). Again, go to
the farthest door to the left, open and enter it.

Now run -- there's a Goblin after you! Go left immediately (luckily, you're
faster than the Goblin). You can escape through the first door you see
(make sure you Open it first!), which will take you to Alph and Ralph (see
below). However, as long as you're here, you might as well open all of the
doors in the Brick Hallway before moving on. There's a reason for this.
Just keep a few steps ahead of the Goblin (if he touches you, you'll drop
down a trapdoor. See special Trapdoor/Oboulette section near the end of
this FAQ.)


Each time you end up here, it's a little more difficult to go forward. The
first visit is simplicity itself; after chatting with Alph and Ralph (who
won't say much unless you've opened all the doors in the Brick Hallway --
see?), open the doors and go through the one with the sign that reads: TO
THE CASTLE. Obviously, stay clear of the sign that says: TO CERTAIN DEATH.

If you later fall down a trapdoor, or otherwise end up back with Alph and
Ralph again, you will discover that the helpful signs have been removed.
And don't think that just because the door on the left led to the castle the
first time (assuming it did) that it will again! Providing you've opened
all the doors in the Brick Hallway, Alph or Ralph will simply tell you which
door leads where, when Asked. You can trust them on this visit, but not the

The third time you see Alph and Ralph (assuming there is a third time), just
remember that they're both lying this time, so take the door they claim will
lead to Certain Death.

Back again for a fourth visit? This time, either Alph or Ralph will lie to
you. The other one will tell the truth, but who do you believe? To solve
this one, get one of them to tell you which door the other one would say led
to the castle. No matter which one you're talking to -- liar or truth
teller -- they will say the same door (which actually leads to Certain
Death, so you know that the other door is the safe one). Got it? Good. On
we go . . .


This one's easy -- just Congratulate the Wall and you're outta there. You
can Ask the Wall a few times before Congratulating it if you like. (Don't
Insult the Wall, or it'll drop you into an Oubliette! Also, if you ever
land in here after obtaining the Shears, DO NOT attempt to give the Wall a
manicure, as this will only damage the Shears, rendering them useless.)

For fun: Keep Asking the Wall to hear its full boast before Congratulating
it. Also, try Using the Camcorder on the Wall! Do this only if you're not
planning on making a Rock Video for the Firey you'll encounter later.


Not to be confused with the Brick Hallway (which it resembles), the Stone
Corridor has more items to be picked up, plus another, less aggresive Goblin
(he won't attack you unless you provoke him by Hitting him, Throwing a Rock
at him, Insulting him, Calling him or Adumbrating him).

Take the Rock and the Peach that are lying on the floor of this section. Go
through the open doorway on the far right. Take the Shears that are on the
floor nearby (this is a vital item -- don't miss it!). Go to the left (past
the standing Goblin) and Take the Crystal Ball that's on the floor.

The following is optional, but it adds a little variety to the game:
Give one of your Peaches to the Goblin. He'll eat it (sucker!) and promptly
pass out. You still won't be able to enter the door he's guarding, but now
you can walk up to him and Take his Helmet! If you Wear the Helmet, you
won't be able to take it off for awhile, but it may have its uses . . .

Go through the open doorway next to the Goblin, and you will find yourself
transported to . . . .


Take the lone Crystal Ball in this first section of the Hedge Maze. Go
through the opening on the far right. Another pesky Goblin starts chasing
you, but you'll stay ahead of him if you go left immediately. However, when
you see a hoop-shaped object under your feet, be sure to Take it as you go
by! (The Take command should be cued up before you enter this area, ready
for instant use at a press of the Return or the joystick button.) Keep
going left, away from the Goblin and go through the opening at the far left
of this section.

You should be back in the safe area of the Hedge Maze. Go to the opening
that's overgrown with vines. Use Shears. Enter the cleared opening. You
should now be prompted to turn your game disk over, because you've reached:


NOTE: Once you turn the disk over, you won't be able to return to the Stone
Corridor or any of the other areas on the first side of the disk. Make sure
you have the Shears, the Log and the Bracelet before you come here, because
you won't have another chance to get them!

The so-called Wise Man in the middle of the garden will tell you how to get
past this section -- provided you can decipher his muddled instructions.
His animated hat requests that you pay a small fee after the words of
wisdom, else you won't receive any further instructions. Luckily, his talk
is cheap; if you give him a dollar, the Hat will let you Take two quarters
back. First, though, I recommend giving him the Nickel! :)

When Asked, the Wise Man will say one of the following:

"Thoroughness is a virtue, but order is paramount."
(Go through every doorway, starting with the closest one to the left and
work your way around clockwise to the closest right.)

"If at first you don't succeed, try, try again."
(Choose any doorway and pass through it three times in a row.)

"The only way out is to be right in every way that you can."
(Go through all the doors on the right side of the screen.)

"If you go to the left first, then you will know the bloomin' way out."
(Enter a doorway on the left side of the screen, then go through the doorway
with a red bush growing next to it -- it's in the back row.)

"The right way is the only way left when the left way and the way to the
right of it are wrong." (or something to that effect -- not enough time to
copy it verbatum before it disappeared!)
(Go through the farthest (from you, the player) door on the left side of the

NOTE: From this point on, the game ceases to be linear, i.e. where you end
up after leaving the Wise Man's Garden may be any of the following up to the
Bog of Eternal Stench. The color you chose at the beginning may make a
difference as to where you end up after you follow the Wise Man's


This looks a lot like the first Hedge Maze, but there is only one extremely
long hallway here. There is nothing new to pick up, and no Goblins to worry
about. If you come here after freeing Ludo (see below) you can Call him and
he will appear and shamble along behind you until you enter a different
area. To avoid constant repetitions, a good rule of thumb is to head for
any opening you find that has vines growing over it, Use Shears and enter.


The Stone Faces are a bore, since there's nothing to pick up and no puzzles
to speak of. If you Hit or Insult the faces (Wall), they will give you a
game tip. Since there aren't that many doorways, just keep entering them
until one leads you somewhere else. You will most likely end up at either
the Door Knockers or the Bog of Eternal Stench (which see).


First, stand in front of the door on the left and Take. You will extract a
key from the keyhole. Nice! You just know you'll be needing this soon...

The door on the left (the one with the deaf Knocker) will usually take you
to the Forest. To open the door on the right (the one with the Knocker that
looks like a devil), stand in front of it and Hit or Insult the Knocker.
This will start the two of them telling a Knock-Knock joke. While the
Knocker on the right is delivering the punchline, Insert Bracelet into its
mouth! This not only shuts the annoying thing up, it enables you to open
its door. Right now, it may only take you to the Stone Faces, but later on
it will take you someplace you'll want to go . . . .

Note: whatever you do, do not Give Popcorn to the devil Knocker! If you do,
you won't be able to insert the Bracelet because its mouth will be full
(apparently it can't swallow), and you cannot Take the Popcorn back again.


If you like, you can Call Firey to get a new temporary companion. However,
he won't have much to offer you -- unless you've used your Camcorder to make
a "rock video" (i.e. point your Camcorder at a pile of rocks). Since you
haven't reached any rockpiles yet, just go left through the first opening
you see, then left and through the next opening. This _should_ bring you to
the Bog of Eternal Stench, though the color of your outfit may affect this.

I just recently learned that if you'ved Used the Camcorder for anything
other than filming piles of rocks, Firey will still reject it, even if you
DID film the rocks. So make sure it's rocks only to make the silly Firey

Once you've shown Firey a Rock Video, he will start taking himself apart and
giving his body parts to you! Take everything he offers -- I think
equippping his feet is supposed to make it easier to cross the bridge at the
Bog of Eternal Stench, and his other parts are supposed to help you get past
the trap at the Castle of the Goblin King. This section will be (hopefully)
updated later.


Sir Didymus won't let you cross the bridge until you rescue Ludo (learn this
by Asking him 3 or 4 times). Go all the way to the left in order to reach:


This one can be tricky. You've got to get rid of the two Goblins guarding
Ludo first. Do this by walking over the colored squares, making them change
color -- from yellow, to blue, to purple and finally to red. When they turn
red, they are ready to drop the next thing that walks across them (including
you!) through a trapdoor. A good strategy is to walk over a square until it
turns purple, get a guard's attention and have it pursuing you as you run
across the purple square (turning it red in the process). The stupid Goblin
will fall right into the trap!

If you fall down a trapdoor yourself, don't panic! Just walk to the upper
left corner of the oubliette, and another trapdoor will conveniently
transport you back to the Bog of Eternal Stench, so you can have another go.
There's no need to waste your peaches or use the beggar's magic word.

Once both Goblins are dispatched, it's time to cut down poor Ludo from where
he hangs upside-down in the middle of the maze. Simply walk up to Ludo and
Use Shears.

You'll end up back in the Hedge Maze, but now you can Call Ludo to have him
join you. Once he's with you, Call Rocks to make Ludo bellow and a pile of
rocks appear. Do this if you're trying to make a Rock Video for the Firey.
Take the Rocks.. Go to the vine-covered opening in the hedge, Use Shears
and enter.


Sir Didymus is no longer blocking your way to the bridge, but be careful!
The bridge is VERY slippery, and it may even break, dropping you into the
foul sludge. (If you Called Ludo before crossing, and fall in, he will
desert you!) If you are unfortunate enough to fall in, just wade the rest
of the way across, and Use Perfume as soon as you reach the bank to cancel
the horrible smell. Beware: if you see the message "Something fell out of
your pocket" when you fall into the bog, you'll know it was the Perfume
bottle! This is more likely to happen with certain colors of clothes. If
you have the Firey's feet, you should be able to cross the bridge easier.

If you are wearing a Goblin Helmet at this point, it's a good idea to Drop
it here. There's a problem if you keep wearing the Helmet up to the end.

If you later end up back here, and the bridge has broken, there is another
way to reach the other side, providing Ludo is with you: Call Rocks will
cause Ludo to bellow at the top of his lungs, bringing stepping-stones to
the surface of the bog, to the right of the broken bridge. You will have to
Call Rocks several times before this new bridge is complete. Unfortunately,
the stepping-stones are every bit as slippery as the first bridge was! Gah!

Once you make it safely to the other side (Note: Save the Game!), you


If you still reek from the Bog, the Goblins will chase you relentlessly!
Even without the bad smell, they will still pursue you if you cross one's
path. Supposedly, wearing the Helmet makes them less apt to give chase, but
you'll still fall down a trapdoor if you allow one of them to touch you.
But since Jareth will not confront you if you're wearing the Helmet, it's
best just to Drop the Helmet in the Bog (the only place you can Drop it, in

Enter the yellow house immediately to the left of you when you first appear
in the village. This will transport you to the back of the village. Come
forward about halfway and enter the house to your right. This took me to
the Underground (see below) in the "Blue Clothes" version. You may have to
experiment and find the right house by trial and error, depending on what
color clothes your character has. Otherwise, you're liable to end up at:


This one is an exercise in frustration. It appears that you need to throw
rocks to knock out all the guards patrolling the castle. Since the Goblins
are constantly on the move, you must time your throws precisely. If (or
more likely when) you run out of rocks, Call Ludo. He'll start to come, but
he's a coward and won't come all the way. Call Rocks, and Ludo will do his
bellowing trick again. This time the result will be a bunch of rocks
rolling in a pile towards you. Use your Camcorder on the pile of rocks
before you pick them up, to contribute to Firey's Rock Video, if you like.
Meanwhile, knock out all the Golbin guards with the rocks -- you can Call
Rocks over and over again as many times as needed.

Once the last guard is down for the count, you should be able to enter the
Castle, right? WRONG! If you try to open the door, you'll drop down into
an oubliette. (See what I mean about frustration?) I'm positive there must
be a way to get through that door safely, and I think it has something to do
with the body parts that Firey gives you, but I've never been able to
successfully complete this section. Anyone who DOES know what to do here,
please e-mail me, and I will promptly update this walkthrough. Meanwhile,
you can still complete the game by going to:


As soon as you see the sign announcing The Underground, get ready! You must
be quick to Drop the Log in the path of the Goblin-driven Cleaning Machine
that's coming towards you. Don't stand too close to the Log! As soon as it
hits the log, the Cleaning Machine will back off momentarily, and the Log
will be magically transformed into a shiny plank. Pick it up immediately,
and duck into the nearest doorway before the Machine reaches you again.

There's a final Crystal Ball around here somewhere, if you're bold enough to
go looking for it in spite of the Cleaning Machine. But you should have at
least two or three in your inventory already, so you don't really need it.

When you reach the other side, you will still hear the Cleaning Machine
approaching, even though you can't see it yet. It'll be coming on the left,
so move right and again into the nearest doorway. Don't duck too soon, or
you may end up right in the Machine's path. Do this once more, and you
should find yourself in front of the Door Knockers. The door on the left
will only take you back to the Underground. You don't want to go back
there, so take the door on the right. It will take you to . . . .


If you think the walls of this corridor look like upside-down piano keys,
it's because they are! Hit Wall in various places to tell one section from
another (i.e. one section sounds clear notes, another sounds tinny). Enter
the opening that's directly behind you when you first appear here. Then
walk to the right. When you reach a section where it appears that a black
key is missing, stop and Insert Plank into the wall. Viola! A door
appears. But it's locked! Lucky thing you pulled that key from the deaf
knocker's door! Use it now; you've just about reached your goal...

There's a bit of a snag here if you're wearing the Goblin Helmet at this
point -- Jareth will refuse to let you enter the doorway until you get rid
of it. The only place you're allowed to Drop the Helmet is at the Bog of
Eternal Stench, which is a bit of a backtrack from here. :(


Behold, the Goblin King! Jareth is none too pleased that you've made it
this far, and he tells you your remaining hours to complete the game have
become minutes. This means you'll have no more than 12 minutes to chase
Jareth and Throw a Crystal Ball at him (and hit him). The Crystal Balls
hover and float around in the air for a bit before coming back to you like
boomerangs, so even if you only have one Crystal, that's all you will need.
The Escher-like dimensions of the room make chasing Jareth difficult, but
keep Throwing Crystal Balls at him every time you see him, and eventually
one will hit him.

You can also Throw other things at Jareth if you feel so inclined (I like
hitting him with a Peach! ^_^), but only a Crystal Ball will lead you


You've actually won the game at this point -- it's just that Jareth
stubbornly refuses to admit it. Save the game and have some fun going
through all the responses you can make to Jareth -- something different
happens with each response. But you can't lose now, (unless you stupidly
walk off the edge of the floor, like I did once. Good thing I had saved the
game!) so say whatever you feel like. I recommend saying "Throw some power
over me!" or "Do you have power over me?"


Chances are you'll fall into one of these dungeon cells at least once,
possibly many times during the game. Depending on where you were just
before you fell into one, and the color of your shirt, there are many
different ways of escaping these things:

1. Adumbrate Elephant. Call Elephant. Enter the hole made by the Elephant.
(May not always work.)

2. Call Nerd. When he/she starts babbling at you, move to the back of the
cell and keep moving back and forth until the Nerd "drives you up the wall,"
enabling you to climb out! (May not always work.)

3. Walk around inside the cell. If you're lucky, a trapdoor will open up
and drop you somewhere else. If you see a colored square in the cell with
you, it's a sure thing that a trapdoor will open if you walk on it until it
changes color (similar to the ones in The Persecution of Ludo.) You may
also just start climbing out of the cell on your own accord!

4. Do you see a small slot on the wall of the cell? If so, try Inserting
Ticket (if you didn't give it to Hoggle) or Insert Quarter. Wow, a door!
You know what to do now . . .

5. There's already a door on the wall of the cell! But for some reason, no
matter how close you get to this "door," you get the message "You're not
close enough" when you try to Open it. Well then, try standing where you
DON'T see a door, and Open Door! Things are never as they seem...

6. Say the word the Beggar gave you at the beginning of the game (jaggies,
plastics, avacado, whatever it was). Jareth will set you free at the cost
of losing an hour of time to complete the game (you start the game with 13
hours, remember?). This always works.

7. Eat a Peach. You will pass out, and "an hour later" you will float out
of the oubliette to freedom. Always works, but cuts down on remaining time.