Walkthrough - Indiana Jones 4


PART 1 (New York, Iceland, Tikali, Azores, College)

NEW YORK: Take the newspaper.
(A1) find your way through the crates on the backside of the building
(pushcrates) and use the fire escape.
(A2) talk to doorman, "smart", "easy to understand".
(A3) Fight doorman.
Give the paper to the stagehand, push the right and left lever and press
the button. Talk to Sophia and leave together with her for Iceland.
ICELAND: Talk to Heimdall; he tells you about Tikali and the Azores.
TIKALI: Hit the jungle rodent several times with the whip, until it runs
to the snake; use the tree. Talk to Sternhart until he asks you the name
of Plato's lost dialogue. Tell him that you do not know the title. Then
talk to the parrot, ask him "Title?" and talk again to Sternhart. Inside
the pyramide, ask Sophia to keep Sternhart occupied. Go outside, take the
lamp and open it. Use the lamp to get the spiral design in the pyramide.
Then use the design with the animal head, pull it and open the grave.
Sternhart gets away with the disk. Take the bead and return to Iceland.
ICELAND: Use the bead in the eel's mouth; take the eel.
AZORES: Let Sophia first talk to Costa. Then trade him the eel for the
knowledge of the position of the lost dialogue.
COLLEGE: There are three possibilities to find the collection (changes
from game to game). (Case 1) Take the gum from the desk in the library,
use it with the coal chute in the furnace room. Take the wax cat figurine
and melt it in the furnace. (Case 2) Get the rag in the furnace room and
the arrowhead in the room with the totempole. Use the rag with the
arrowhead to produce a screwdriver and open the bookcase in the library.
(Case 3) Use the jar from the refrigerator in the office with the
totempole. Pull the totempole under the hole in the ceiling and climb up.
Open the urn and take the key. Push the crate in the totempole-room and
open the chest behind it.
Talk to Sophia in the office and choose one of the three paths -- team,
wits, and fists.

PART 2 (Algier, Monte Carlo)

ALGIER: Go to the shopkeeper in the back alley and take the mask. Talk
to the man with the knives. Convince Sophia to volunteer for him and push
her as she hesitates. You will receive a knife this way.
MONTE CARLO: Talk to several people and ask them about Trottier. Sooner
or later you will meet him (a man in a brown suit). Talk to him in a very
polite and humble way till he is willing to take part in the seance.
(A1:indy) During the seance take the flashlight from the cabinet and the
bedsheet. Open the fuse box and use the circuit breaker. Wear the
bedsheet, the mask and the flashlight to produce a reasonable ghost.
(A2:sophia) When indy talk to Trottier outside, take notes on what he said
(they varied from game to game). After entering the room, transfer control
to sophia. Demand proof. Answer three questions as Trottier just said.
Answer a random number.(may need several save-and-restore here) This
solution does not require the mask.
Afterwards take the sunstone.
ALGIER: Talk again to the shopkeeper and show him the sunstone. He will
give you a map and a couple of camels; your first visit to the desert
fails. Next you have to trade several things with the shopkeeper and with
the grocer; the final goal is to get the squab-on-a-stick for the mask.
Give the squab to the beggar and receive a balloon ticket. Go to the roof,
enter the balloon and cut the rope with the knife.

PART 3 (Desert)

BALLOON RIDE: A kind of arcade game, since the up and down movements are
coupled with movement in clockwise and counterclockwise directions. You
will find out about this. You must land several times and ask nomades for
the way to the X.
DIG SITE: Sophia disappears into the hole. Climb down the ladder into the
dark room, and get everything you can get: Sharp wood thing (ship rib),
long tubular thing (hose), blunt wood thing (peg), clay thing (clay jar).
At the truck you use the hose with the opened gas tank and the clay jar
with the hose; this fills the jar with gas. Go back to the dark room, open
the metal cap and pour the gas-filled jar into the gas filler pipe. Push
the little metal thing to turn on the generator. Then dig the crumbling
wall with the ship rib, put the peg into the mural and put the sunstone on
the peg. Look at the sunstone: the lost dialogue tells to align "darkness"
with the "horns"; do this and press the peg to open a secret door. Sophia
comes out and gives you a distributor cap and a fish-on-a-string. Turn off
the generator, open it and take the spark plug. Put the distributor cap
and the spark plug into the truck's engine. Leave for Crete.

PART 4 (Crete)

RUINS: First find the surveyor's instrument and take it. Pick up all
stones around the tall horns; you will detect two statues (bull's head and
tail). In one of the entrances, there is a mural diagram with a bull's
head, horns and tail. According to this, put the surveyor's instrument on
the head statue and look through it to the left horn. Then put it on the
tail statue and look at the right horn. This gives you an X. Dig at the X
with the ship rib and find the moonstone. Go to the stone pedestal and use
the sun- and the moonstone with it. Align the disks according to the lost
dialogue (changes from game to game), press the spindle and detect a secret
door in the wall.
CAVES: Pick up two of the three stone heads. Go through the door and
get the third head with your whip. Find the room with the tall Minotaur
statue. Use the whip with its head, and then stand to the left of the big
head. The elevator takes you down to the dead Sternhart. Take the
worldstone and the staff. Examine the waterfall and use the chain hidden
behind it. Then find the room with the shelf and the closed door; open
the door by putting the three stone heads onto the shelf. Go through the
door and do three things. First, use the staff with the chock to free the
counterweight. Secondly, use the staff in the statue's mouth to start the
elevator. Thirdly, take the golden box, open it, put the two beads into it
and close it again.
Return to Sophia and enter the next room. Convince Sophia to let you
boost her through the hole in order to open the gate. In the next room use
the fish-on-a-string. It will point to Sophia's necklace. Talk to Sophia
and make her put the necklace into the golden box. Walk through all rooms
and use the fish-on-a-string. Somewhere it will point to the wall; dig
this wall with the rib and open the door behind. Use all three disks with
the spindle according to the lost dialogue. The Germans will kidnap Sophia
and steal the disks. Dig the rocks with the rib and return to the surface.

PART 5 (Submarine)

Open the hatch, fight against the captain and enter the submarine. Use
the intercom to order "All hands to the bow". Go to the lower deck, take
the mug of porcelain and fill it with battery acid. Talk to Sophia from
the left neighboring room through the window in the wall and ask her to
distract the guard. Free Sophia and open the strong box with the help of
the acid. Inside the box you find the three disks and a tiny key. Get the
plunger. Unlock the emergency rudder control with the tiny key, break the
lever in the conning tower and repair it with the plunger. Steer the
submarine into the airlock (another fine(?) arcade game).

PART 6 (Atlantis)
ENTRANCE: Find the wooden thing (ladder) in the dark and use it at the
stone rubble. Sophia is kidnapped by the Germans again. Climb the ladder,
open the stone thing and take the rod. Put a bead into the rod and light
the room. Use the disks with the spindle according to the lost dialogue,
but with north and south reversed (as "entrance is yielded only to contrary
minds"). The statue's mouth will open, and you feed a bead into it. The
door opens, you take the ladder and the three disks. Enter Atlantis.

The exact position of the interesting rooms in Atlantis changes from game
to game. Explore all shaded places (marked by a questionmark), open and
enter all grates. You must detect the following rooms and items.
ROOM WITH ROBOT PARTS 1: Take the bronze gear attached to the wall.
ROOM WITH ROBOT PARTS 2: Take the bronze spoked wheel lying in the
ROOM WITH EEL-FIGURINE: Get the eel-figurine from the cupboard.
SUBWAY: At the most southern point, in the outer cycle. Take the rib
cage from the skeleton.
HALLWAY: Fight against one of the German stooges (and defeat him). You
will get a bratwurst. Bait the rip cage with the bratwurst (in case you
took the sandwich from the kitchen in the submarine, you may bait the cage
with the sandwich).
CRAB ROOM: Use the baited rip cage in the pool to catch a crab.
STATUE ROOM 1: Contains a statue that looks like a cross between a bull
and a fish. Take the statue's head.
STATUE ROOM 2: Contains a large statue holding a cup. Use the ladder to
cross the hole in the floor. Take the stone cup. Don't forget to take the
ladder before leaving.
LAVA ROOM: Use the stone cup with the pedestal. Use the statue's head
with the plaque. This gives you a mug full of lava.
MACHINE ROOM: Repair the machine by putting the bronze spoked wheel onto
the peg. Fill the mug with lava into the funnel. Take the produced beads
and take the bronze spoked wheel before leaving.
PRISON ROOM: In the room where Sophia is kept imprisoned there are two
vents, one on the left side and one in the middle. The interesting vent is
the left one. From there you can put a bead into the sentry statue; it
will start moving, kill the German and destroy itself.
SENTRY ROOM: Contains three statues and a pool. To get rid of the water
you put a bead into the eel. Then put a bead into the smallest statue's
mouth. The door will open.
PRISON ROOM: Take the statue part from the destroyed statue. In order
to free Sophia, you have to enter the canal system.

PART 7 (The inner cycle)

CANAL: Feed the crab to the octopus. Enter the canal, go to the other
side and put a bead into the crab mouth. The crab raft will start to
Float to the left side, open the gates with the sun-, moon- or worldstone.
There are only two interesting places in the canal system. One contains a
cupboard with a crescent shaped gear. Take the gear, close the cupboard
and look at it. You see a diagram with several wheels and moving arms.
The other interseting place contains the large bronze statue and the chain.
Use the ladder with the statue and open the chest plate. Look at the chest
plate; you have to put the bronze gear, the bronze wheel, the statue part
and the crescent gear into the right places, as described by the diagram on
the cupboard (the wheel and the statue part belong onto the central peg).
Make that the statue moves the right arm. Then fasten the chain to the
statue arm and to the bronze loop. Make the statue to move its right arm
back. The chain will break the door and a hinge pin comes off. Take the
hinge pin and return to Sophia.
PRISON: Give the hinge pin to Sophia. Open the cage. Sophia uses the
pin and gets free. Open the cage a second time to get the pin.
CANAL: Finally, you enter the inner cycle of Atlantis through the broken
door. Sophia is getting crazy and leads you to a room with a lava pit.
Look at Sophia, feed a bead to her necklace and use the box with the
necklace. You get rid of Nur-Ab-Sal in the lava pit. Pick up the scepter
(near the skeletons). In the hall and near the hulking machine you see two
Atlantean graffittis: One shows the lever positions to start the hulking
machine (upward arrow), the other shows how to stop it. Use the hinge pin
and the sceptre as levers in two slots. Feed a bead to the mouth.
VOLCANIC AREA: Cross the area by trial and error. In the background,
you see a picture of three cocentric cycles: This picture encodes the
positions of noon sun (sundisk), of full moon (moondisk) and of the volcano
(worlddisk). In the central room with the frog statue and the spindle,
align the three disks according to this picture. Now the Germans appear
again. The first German is no problem, he will kill himself. Tell the
second German that you are going to kill him as soon as you are a god.
Thus you get rid of him, too, and finish the game.

PART 2 (Algier, Monte Carlo)
MONTE CARLO: Talk to Trottier and get his business card.
ALGIER: Go to the servant in the back alley and give him the business
card. Talk to the man with red fez: nice fez, quite a hat, stick in the
eye, festive, well, thanks. You got a fez. Give it to the servant. When he
ask why, answer that the fez can make him tall. Talk to him to see Omar.
Follow him to the Omar's house(may need to repeat the job several times).
Enter closet. Close closet door to trap Omar. Pick up bamboo. Use bamboo
stick on cloth to get map. Pick up statues. Ride camel to dig site. If
got stoped by officers, use the statues to bribe them.
PART 3 (Desert)

DIG SITE: Use clay jar and hose to get gas. Switch generator on. Use ship
rib on crumped wall. Push painting of round object. Get statue. Use
orichalcum in statue. Use statue as battery. Get note inside truck.
Start truck.
MONTE CARLO: Talk to trottier and tell him he is on trouble. Nazis will
take him. Try to intercept the car. Find the sign. Open drain and get

PART 4 (Island Thera)

One of three places (cleft, gap, and notch) in mountain will lead to an
entrance. Out side the entrance, close the crate and get invoice. Inside
you will find an entrenching tool. Close the door near the tool. Use
sunstone to get carved sign. Open tool to dig a way out the cave. Return
to port, show invoice to get the gas bag for balloon. Use sign to exchange
the large basket. Use them with fish net and hose to built a balloon. Go
to mountains, use vent to inflate the balloon. Learn how to manuver the
balloon and land it on the sub.

PART 5 (Submarine)

Use bread and cold cuts to make a sandwich. Give sandwich to guard. Open
locker to get moonstone and torpedo instructions. Pick up rag and
clothesline. Go to torpedo room at the aft section. Use rag with wires.
Use instructions with control panel. Push lever to cause fire. Go to the
torpedo room at the front section. Use instructions with control panel.
Use clothesline with lever. Enter torpedo tube. Pull line.

CRETE: Use sunstone and moonstone to open the door. Search rooms and find
a wool scarf and a comb. Use them as a orichalcum detector. Find
worldstone and some orichalcum beads. See hints from team mode if needed.
Find microtaur. Use statue in machine. Feed a bead to the statue. You
will get to the map room. Use three stones to open the door. Use the
home-made detector to find another beads and a secret door at the next two
rooms. Entering the secret door, you will find a bead and a subway car.
Feed the car with the bead. O.K. Now you are at Atlantis. All three
modes converges here.

PART 2 (Algier, Monte Carlo)
MONTE CARLO: Talk to Trottier and get his business card.
ALGIER: Go to the servant in the back alley and give him the business
card. Talk to him to see Omar. Follow him to the Omar's house. Beat the
Nazi. Pick up bamboo. Use bamboo stick on cloth to get map. Pick up
statues. Ride camel to dig site. If got stoped by officers, use the
statues to bribe them.
PART 3 (Desert)

DIG SITE: Switch generator on. Use ship rib on crumped wall. Look at the
painting on the left wall. Push the round object on the painting. Get
sunstone. Use it with wood peg on wall. Turn the stone disk and press the
peg will reveal a secret door. Enter the door to get outside. Talk the
the Nazi. Use whip to get rid the machine gun. Beat him with you fists.
Use balloon and head north to Crete.
PART 4 (Crete)

RUINS: See team mode.
CAVES(by Terence): See team mode. After finding prof Sternhart's body, get
his staff. Then climb up the chain in the waterfall to get back up to the
rest of the labyrinth. A door is blocked with a big slab. Push it SEVERAL
times. After pushing the stone slab covering the door proceed to beat up
all the gards, with 2 exceptions. The first one, Hans, is too strong to
beat, so hide behind a stone slab and when he comes by, push it over onto
him. Also, Arnold is too strong to beat. Use the ship's rib to pry the
boulder in the next room over so that it will roll onto him. When that
doesn't work, go find a stalactite (on ceiling in another room) and pry the
boulder from outside the doorway it's wedged in, that will take care of
Arnold. Then look in the pit to find Sophia, search Arnold's body, and you
have everything you need to get to Atlantis. The stories converges here.