Walkthrough - Conquests of the Longbow EGA

Conquests of the Longbow - The Legend of Robin Hood

Day 1

From outlaws camp, walk 4W to hill overlooking Watling Street.
Talk to Little John. Wait here until you see a man chasing a
woman. Go down and stop them. Shoot the man and save the

The night, you'll have a dream and get a emerald heart.

Day 2

From Widow's place, walk 2S, 1W. Marian is being attacked here.
Shoot the monk and save Marian. She'll give you a slipper.

Day 3

Go to overlook. Wait till beggar appears. Stop him and give
him some money and take his clothes.

Go to town (in beggar disguise). Go to see the clobber. Give
slipper to him. He'll give you a silver comb.

Day 4

Go to Willow and talk to Marian. Give silver comb to her. Show
emerald heart to her.

Go to overlook. Shoot the guard and save the man.

Day 5

Go to overlook. Stop the monk. Accept his challenge and kill
him with the quartstaff. Wear his clothes. There is a whistle
and a pouch inside the clothes.

Go to swamp (in monk disguise). Blow whistle and get inside the
boat (use boat). At the entrance, talk to guard. Give whistle and
pouch to him. Answer his 3 riddles (check manual). Go inside. Go
to refectory and talk to Prior. Go to NW corner to see the prisoner.
Talk to Prior. When he has left, release the rope and free the
jester. Go to SE corner, search the rack and get the hand scroll.
Get globlet on Prior table, mess up the table and the Prior will
walk away. Get the verse. Search the rack to find the hand scroll.
Go to prison. Give verse to jester. Follow jester to the boat.
Press the bottom left, top right and top left gargoyles to open
the gate.

Day 6

Go to overlook. Threaten priest with bow. Get his clothes.

Go to town. Go to St. Mary. Go inside. Get 3 set of clothing
from laundry. See the Abbot and get the wine cask.

Go to castle. Give the guard 1 penny to see the 3 brothers.

Go to pub. Give cask to man in exchange for a new one. Look at
bucket that was lowered from the top. Win the guy in the
9 man morris game and get amethyst. Open cellar door and open
the empty barrel to enter secret tunnel. Use passage to reach
St. Mary. Drink with Abbot. Use amethyst on mug. When Abbot
is drunk, search his body and get some money. Go to Abbot's
room, look under pillow to get the puzzle box.

Go to tapestry and enter tunnels again. Go to peek hole outside
the dungeon. Look inside, when the guards left, go inside and
put 4 pennies on the table. Get immediately or you'll be caught.
Wait for the guards to come back and take the money. They will
use it to buy some wine. Go inside and open trap door. Use the
belts from the clothings to save the brothers. Get out of the
tunnels through cellar from the pub. Walk outside and bless
the sherrif.

Bring the 3 brothers to the widow. Get the golden net.

Day 7

Look at verse. Note the initial of all those who said something.
Press the letters to open the puzzle box. In my case, it's FLAGRO
but i can't be sure that it'll be the same for all games. Get the
fire ring.

Go to Willow to see Marian. Give her the hand scroll.

Go inside forest and wait for pixie to appear. Use golden net
to catch him. You must throw the net infront of him. Ask him to
bring you to green man.

Save your game before attempting his riddles. Some of the
answers to his riddle are: comb, money, eye and fur. You
must get 3 riddles right and are allowed to made a few
wrong guess.

Day 8

Go to overlook. Stop archer. Give money to him. Get clothes.

Go to town. Go to Fair. Talk to scholar, give him the hand scroll
when the correct coat-of-arms is shown (check manual). Enter
contest and win the first place. To win the man, you'll need to
split his arrow. Get golden arrow.

Day 9

The guards will be chasing you inside the forest. Go to the
nearest grove as fast as possible. Look at the grove and
then click the hand icon on yourself. Use the hand code to
enter the name of the grove. This turns you into a tree
to evade the enemies.

Go to overlook. Stop merchant. Search his body until you
find the jewel. Get his clothes. Use jeweler's rouge on
yourself to change your hair colour.

Go to Castle. See the sheriff. Give booth to him. When ask
for more evident. Leave the room. He'll give up and follow
you to the forest. Get all his belongings.

Day 10

Blow your horn to call your man. Listen to their plans. Use
Little John's plan. Wear the fire ring.

Go to Pub. Talk to man until he let you into the cellar.
Use the secret passage to reach St. Mary. Take the passage
to the north to the maze. Walk to exit as fast as possible.
Open the door (you should hear the horn blowing) and save

At willow. Use the emerald heart to heal Marian. She will tell
you the password.

Day 11

Blow your horn. Use Tuck's plan and ambush the treasure train.
This get you enough ransom to save King Richard.

Day 12

Transform into tree in any grove to evade the enemies.

Go to overlook. Walk to knight. Show him the password. Talk to
him. When he swing his sword, shoot him. He is a false knight.

Day 13

Go to swamp. Wear the water ring. Talk to water spirit. They'll
bring you a boat. Use boat. Follow the water spirit to go
through the fog.

At the tower where the knight is held. Get the ivy (this let
you exit the boat). Use the hand language to show GORT (the
druid name for ivy). This make the ivy grows so that you can
climb up. Climb up to the window and talk to knight. Show him the
password. Climb down carefully, watch out for falling stones.

Once you have climbed down and reached the boat, everything will
be automatic. So, sit back and watch the end game. If you have
gain enough support from the folks, you'll win the game or else
that's the end of you.

That's it. You have finished the game !

You might want to replay the game making wrongs move and see
what will happen at the end.