The Bizarre Adventures of Woodruff and the Schnibb

Developer: Coktel Vision
Release Date: 1994
140 MB
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The world was plagued by war, and humans were nearly going extinct, so the small amount of survivors ended up going underground to live and flourish. Soon after, the surface of the earth got populated by creatures known as the Boozooks. When the human's decided it was time for them to return to the surface, they found the Boozooks and obviously started another war. The war ended with the human's conquering the Boozooks and making them live a life of slavery.

Cut to the beginning of the game where you play a boy named Woodruff who had his Foster Father kidnapped by government officials over some machine named the Schnibble. What can Woodruff do but try to find his Father, find out what this Schnibble is, and begin the adventure of a life-time.

By: Unknown