The Time Warp Of Dr. Brain

Developer: Dynamix
Release Date: 1996
346 MB
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OH NO! Dr. Brain was trying to teleport himself back to last week to try and find his car keys, but as usual something goes wrong and he ends up lost in the space time discontinuum. It is up to you and your vast intellect (you have one right?) to help save the Doctor from the past and bring him back to the present. You must travel through time to 10 different puzzle areas and play through hundreds of puzzles that will test many of your abilities and skills all in the hopes of bringing the Doctor back to the right time.

Though this game is not something new, as there have been 3 earlier games in this series, it brings back to the wacky doctor and his crazy amount of puzzles into the forefront. Each game seemed to have one grasping theme, and this game had an obvious theme of time. Though this does not mean that the puzzles are much different than its predecessors, as many of the puzzles had the same principle as the earlier games. The biggest part of the game that stood out as being different than its predecessors was the main menu. Brought together by a Space Invaders theme, where your laser base is exchanged by a miniature version of the professor who can shoot up at the on-coming invasion of aliens. Just above the aliens are your different menu options (New game, Restore Game, ect...) and it is up to you to fire at one and hope that the aliens don't get in the way.

In the end this game is another solid mind-bending, puzzle solving, brain-numbingly addictive game that will test every function your brain has to offer. With the box cover saying that it has 'over 600 brain-building 3-d puzzles' it is sure to keep you interested for days. And hey, you never know, you just might get smarter as you go along.

NOTE: This game was made for Windows, and runs in Windows XP.

By: Faeran