Their Finest Hour - Battle of Britain

Developer: LucasArts
Release Date: 1989
704 KB
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Their Finest Hour was an attempt at simulating the Battle of Britian that occurred during World War II. The Infamous battles of the British and the Germans are neatly included in this package, and if I do say so myself, they have made quite a good game.

You can play as either the British or the Germans as you fight for supremacy in the sky. The vast array of planes you can maneuver gives you the incentive of reply value. From the Bf-110, to the stuka dive bombers, there is an amazing collection of planes that will change the way you play a mission. You can also create your own pilot and throw him into battle, building his experience. You could also put your own pilot as a squadron-mate and create a new pilot and start building his experience until you have a whole squadron of personally made pilots. But like real life, if one of your pilots goes down, he's down forever. The gameplay itself is a simple one, with not much learning curve. It allows for the majority of people to be able to enjoy this game without too many controls only the seasoned gamers would know.

Bottom line is that this game turned into a classic for many, and loved by almost all who played. Even to this day it is an enjoyable game to boot up and play. So throw your rendered hats off and jump into the sprites of Their Finest Hour: Battle of Britian, you won't be disappointed.

By: Faeran