Tie Fighter CD Version - Star Wars

Developer: LucasArts
Release Date: 1994
201 MB
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One of the best space combat simulations ever, and a true classic; Tie Fighter puts you into the cockpit of (arguably) the most charismatic Space Fighters in the Star Wars universe. Game play is similar to X-Wing, although without the "idealistic" Rebel Scum. It's fast and immersive, and the missions are cleverly designed. All the fancy Tie models are at your disposal as well as the deadly Assault Gunship and a completely new Tie - The Tie Defender.

Graphics are awesome (for the time of course) and the sounds... well, I can tell that they sound still good even today. Music system is the iMUSE, the Lucas classic that changes the track playing when something important happens.

But the best part of the game is that you fly for the EMPIRE! There aren't many games that let you play for the dark side, and Tie Fighter is certainly one of the best. A must play, and a real triumph for the Empire.

NOTE: This is the CD Version of the game, released as a Collector's Edition that came with SVGA graphic upgrade, extra content, and a significant increase in voice overs.

By: The Daemon