Space Quest 3 - The Pirates of Pestulon

Developer: Sierra
Release Date: 1989

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Extra Files

Hint Book - 7.1 MB - The Official Hint Book for Space Quest 3 (PDF).

The Adventures of Roger Wilco Issue 1 - 6.6 MB - Issue 1 of a comic book series based around the Space Quest games released in 1992 by Adventure Comics.

The Adventures of Roger Wilco Issue 2 - 4.9 MB - Issue 2 of a comic book series based around the Space Quest games released in 1992 by Adventure Comics.

The Adventures of Roger Wilco Issue 3 - 4.39 MB - Issue 3 of a comic book series based around the Space Quest games released in 1992 by Adventure Comics.


Roger Wilco, our most beloved Janitorial Expert, was last seen in a one man escape pod during his escape from Sludge Volah's meteor station in Space Quest 2. Sleeping in the pod, Roger unknowingly drifts through the stars and winds up in none other than Space Quest 3. After Roger awakens from his long slumber, he finds himself trapped inside of a garbage scow. With his unmistakable dumb luck, followed by his will to clean, he eventually finds his way out of the garbage scow only to find the universe in chaos. Who from? Non other than the evil and corrupt video game corporation known as ScumSoft. Follow Roger as he fights off a murderous android, makes his way across the lava planet of Ortega, and disguises himself as non other than a "Janitor", all in an attempt to thwart the evil plans of the president of ScumSoft, and to save the much beloved "Two Guys from Andromeda", creators of the best selling Astro Chicken arcade game.

This game is known by many fans to be the most liked game of the series, and I can't blame them for liking it so much. This game took everything that made Space Quest good and combined it into a solid package. Not only did this game become the cult favorite among fans, but it also introduced elements of the Space Quest world that lasted throughout the rest of the series. What am I talking about? I'm talking about Monolith Burgers, ScumSoft, Astro Chicken - All these elements were introduced in this game and all became trademarks of the series. This game was also the first in the series to give our hero a name. Yes, this is the first game that used the name Roger Wilco (the first two games allowed you to pick your own name).

To back up the addition of adding a name to our hero, they also implemented a brand new game engine that wasn't used for any of the previous Space Quest games. This new engine, which ended up being used for a plethora of Sierra titles (ie Leisure Suit Larry 2, Codename-Iceman, King's Quest 4, Laura Bow 1, just to name a few), could support better looking graphics than the previous engine as well as an upgraded text command interface that allowed you to pause the game while you typed what you wanted Roger to do. This allowed for less frustration during those times the game wanted you to act swiftly. Along with these updates, they managed to put together puzzles that were not only logical, but managed to advance the story in a way that kept you interested in what you were doing.

The only downfall of this game was that it was too short. When you play it, there's so much going on that it makes you feel like you played for a long time, when in fact you haven't. You could start at the beginning of this game and make it to the end in about a half-hours time (at least after you know all the puzzles).

Overall this game is arguably the best in the series and one of my all time favorites. This game definitely reaffirms the belief that great things usually come in small packages, as it incorporates all the things I love about adventure games. If you only had the opportunity to play one Space Quest game, this one would be it.

By: Faeran