Slater & Charlie Go Camping

Developer: Sierra
Release Date: 1993
5.76 MB
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Extra Files

Slater & Charlie Go Camping Demo - 767 KB - This is the Demo to the game Slater & Charlie Go Camping, showing you some of the features that this educational kid's experience has to offer.


Welcome to the story of Slater and Charlie as they go on an interactive adventure to a fun and exciting camping trip. Watch them as they go through funny situations that are camp related, such as putting up a tent and sleeping in their sleeping bags.

This game was made for kids, young kids around the ages of 3 - 6. It is an old style of "interactive book" that only exists in Flash gaming these days. This game consists of about 12 interactive pages where you hear audio of the story being read, and then after the page has been read, you are able to click on certain parts of the picture to make things move. This game almost seems like an early attempt at what the LeapPad Learning System eventually became.

In the end, this game is a very short interactive book that will hold your child's attention for a very short time. But for all those Sierra collectors out there, this game seems to have become one of those games you don't see around too much anymore. For its time, children must have loved the cartoon graphics, and the interactive part of it, and in a way this game could have been a stepping stone to the interactive books that we now take for granted.

By: Faeran