Quest For Glory 1 VGA - So you want to be a Hero

Developer: Sierra
Release Date: 1992
6.29 MB
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Extra Files

Hint Book - 10.79 MB - The Quest For Glory 1 Hint Book (PDF).


"Wanted Hero for the village of Spielburg"

Will you step up to this challenge to achieve greatness? The task is simple, enter Spielburg, rescue the Baron's family, defeat the evil witch, conquer the Bandits and defeat their leader and Warlock. Simple enough?

In other (more descriptive) words:
You start the quest by choosing one of three classes of Hero - namely Magic-user, Fighter or Thief. This may sound like the normal entry of a classical Role Playing Game(Diablo), But fear not, for it is still a classified adventure game. Sierra introduced the first ever adventure-RPG for the time. For those that cringe at the thought of a RPG, relax. For the RPG factor makes it even more enjoyable. All those Adventure like puzzles have to solved via your characters special skills and abilities. Many puzzles can be solved differently, depending on your class. For example, a door could be bashed open with a Fighter's strength, or a Wizard could unlock it with a spell, a thief can pick the lock and viola!

All in all, one of my all time favorite games! With not-too-illogical puzzles, great story, splendid graphics(thanks to the VGA remake), superb playability (specially enhanced with the RPG characteristics), easy play (Point-and-click), and best of all filled to the brim with humor. Truly a classic!

Oh and before I forget, the best thing about this series, is the fact that you can transfer your Unique character from game to game. So see your character advance from a nobody in the first to the Hero of All the lands as you take him through right till the end.

By: Milenko