Police Quest 4 - Open Season

Developer: Sierra
Release Date: 1993

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It was a dark and gloomy night, gunshots echo through an urban neighborhood, blood fills your nose as you arrive at the scene of the crime. A topless body lies in the ally, but this just isn't any old body, it's the body of a friend and fellow officer. Next to him a cigarette with traces of lipstick on it, you get names, evidence, and spot gang tags from the scene, but nothing has prepared you for what you find in the dumpster...

Police quest 4 is a game that I enjoy immensely, the suspense throughout the game is like no other. Lots of real-life police procedures were added to this game, but some of them real cops don't really use, but remain highly popular (example: Chalking the ground). If you enjoy a good thinking game with realistic cop simulation, play this and any other Police Quest game.

Overall this game is quite interesting, but at some points it gets slow and boring, and the mystery is tough to look at through all points of view. You rarely know who's telling the truth, except for kids, many relatives of the deceased, and yourself. Though you must look through every eye of each character, and piece the puzzle together. Who did this? Why? And where the hell are they? These are some of the questions that will hopefully be answered when you play this game.

By: Tom Osborne