Outpost 2

Developer: Dynamix
Release Date: 1997
303 MB
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Earth has been destroyed and only a handful of survivors have escaped to find a new planet for colonization. After many unsuitable worlds, time was running short. Eventually they found a planet with possibilities. The environment was harsh, with barely enough air to survive, but they learned to adapt. They called the world New Terra, and their colony Eden, and all seemed well, for a time. Many wanted to tame their new home, to terraform the world to make it adapt to them. Another group wanted to live in harmony with the planet, for them to adapt to the world. Eventually the two factions could no longer live together, the terraformers staying in Eden, and the others making a new colony named Plymouth. Two very different factions, and only one planet.

Outpost 2 is the sequel to the very disappointing Outpost. It is a real-time strategy game where players choose from controlling either Eden or the Plymouth colony. The game revolves around managing your colony from destruction. You must balance all elements of the game in order to survive including mining metals to build materials, which will eventually lead to researching new technologies, while making sure your colonists stay happy, through constant barrages of enemy invasions and natural disasters. Multiplayer mode allows for a new level of game play, though you might be hard pressed to find other people to play with these days.

Once you learn how to play Outpost 2 the game gets addictive and enjoyable, but the hard part is the learning curve. This is not like most games where you can pick it up and start enjoying it right from the introduction movie. This game had one of the largest learning curves I'd ever seen, and it takes a whole lot of time to get used to the whole system. Though real-time strategy lovers will like the challenge.

The benefit of learning the system is that this game has a great story line. Developed by author J. Steven York, the story will not disappoint and you will find yourself wanting to continue playing just to see how the story unfolds.

In the end the game is excellent the first time you play, though for people that finish the game using one faction and want to try the other may be mildly disappointed. As it is, with two colonies that are suppose to be entirely different, they play exactly the same. But don't let that lure you away from at least playing it once. Though this game is not for the gamer with a time restriction, it is definitely one for the real-time strategy gamer that loves a good challenge and a very compelling story line.

NOTE: This version includes all the Music, Voices, and Videos (everything the original game contained). This game is Windows based.

By: Faeran