Developer: Sierra
Release Date: 1994
196 MB
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The world as we know it is heading for disaster and there is nothing we can do to save it. Saving humanity becomes top priority for all who wish to survive. The first step in maintaining humanities existence would be to find another planet in hopes that it can sustain the technology we need to help humanity survive. With this knowledge in hand, you, as manager and leader, hold the fate of your species existence. Your goals are simple: find a planet, build a colony, maintain the colony. Your skills as the leader will greatly determine whether your colony survives, and with it, humanity.

Outpost is a realistic simulation/strategy game that tries to pride itself on the attention to detail (ie. Many, many game options). During the main part of the game you are in charge of building a small colony, which very closely resembles a Sim City atmosphere. You must expand, grow, and even conquer the lands around you, while using and managing the vast amount of resources surrounding you. This is where it gets confusing because the amount of resources you must manage greatly out weighs the amount of fun you get while you try to manage them. Why is this? Because it seems that the technical details which are required for a game such as this seem to have been left out of the manual, as well as specific items in the manual that seem to have been left out of the game. The result of which is that this game can, and will confuse the hell out of the user, and make it so, even on the easiest of difficulties, make it extremely hard to maintain a well run colony. Reasons behind these insurmountable mistakes seem to boil down to a rushed departure from development and an even faster rush into the stores.

So yes, Outpost was an ambitious undertaking that had great potential to be one of the best sci-fi simulation games of its time, but it seems that the ambitious undertaking, along side a rushed delivery seemed to have been the games downfall. The game ended up being a very bugged and crippled simulation, pasted together by some cool videos that made you even more confused about what to do during the game-play. The upside to all of this? This game ended up being a Guinea pig to the much better Outpost 2. But for all those people that just love to figure out one of the most complex games around, this one is for you.

NOTE: This game comes in ISO format and includes all the voices, music and videos (everything the original CD contains).

By: Faeran