Mission Force: Cyberstorm

Developer: Dynamix
Release Date: 1996
320 MB
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It is sometime in the future and technology for combat is out of control. Field combat vehicles have now evolved into huge, humanoid looking crafts which are piloted by cyber-enhanced warriors. They go by the name of Herc and are the latest in ultimate fighting machines. Their goal? Fight for the future of humanity against the Cybrid, a race dedicated to destroying Earth.

This is a full fledged strategy game, played out like you were playing some kind of real life board game. You start out being able to control up to 26 Hercs at a time, but as you increase in skill, you are able to control more and you get rewarded with better stuff. Eventually you will be able to upgrade your Hercs and new and improved machines will surface that you can buy.

This game brought a whole new idea to the turn based strategy genre and maybe that's why it was such an interesting game to play. Other than the fact that they really don't explain a lot of the whos and whys (Who are the Cybrids? Why are they killing humans?), this game was definitely one I don't regret playing.

By: Faeran