The Laffer Utilities

Developer: Sierra
Release Date: 1990
2.22 MB
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Here we have a collection of unproductive utilities brought together by Al Lowe made to be a spoof of the oh-so-popular Norton Utilities. These mini-programs were designed to be a funny, stress-free, but non-productive way to pass the time at work. How non-productive could these utilities be? Well, you just need to run a few of these programs before you understand. For example you can run the WDYWTGFL program, or should I say the Where Do You Want To Go For Lunch program. Or how about the oh-so-useful What To Do? program? Where you can ask Larry Laffer any question just to find that he responds with Take a cold shower or Oh, yeah? or the oh-so-funny Are you crazy? You'll never get away with it. Though most of the utilities are very useless, there are still a few that could possibly help you out at work, such as the Fax Cover program, or the Forms program. All in all Al Lowe definitely pioneered a whole other genre of software, to bad it didn't catch on.

NOTE: This game runs under Windows.

By: Unknown