Leisure Suit Larry 7 - Love for Sail!

Developer: Sierra
Release Date: 1996
506 MB
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Extra Files

Critical Patch - 1 MB - This is the Critical Update made by Sierra for Leisure Suit Larry 7. Here is a description of what it fixes:

"This patch corrects the 'flatulence lockup' and miscellaneous general protection faults/illegal operations. It will also correct problems associated with exceeding 20 saved games. NOTE: It will invalidate existing saved games."
- Quoted from the Sierra Website


After flying off of the 40th floor of a burning building in a most extremely, hilarious fashion, Larry decides that it's just about time to go on a nice relaxing cruise. Next thing he knows, Larry finds himself on a cruise ship called the PMS Bouncy, surrounded by beautiful woman. After finding out that Larry has been given the biggest room on the whole ship (the engine room), he soon learns of a contest called the Thygh's Mans Trophy contest, where the main prize is a week with the beautiful Captain Thygh... and alas Larry has a goal. This game is for Mature audiences only.

By: Unknown