The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain

Developer: Sierra
Release Date: 1995
337 MB
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Doctor Brain has transferred half of his intelligence into his lab mouse Rathbone. It's up to you to solve the puzzles in his brain to reverse the intelligence transfer with a bit of mind over matter.

The Doctor's brain is separated into various sections devoted to one type of puzzle each with three levels of difficulty providing 5,10, and 15 percent completion points accordingly. Puzzle types range from music, 3d objects, word puzzles, memory (file management), symbol matching(sign language) and much more. After completing the first set of puzzles, you unlock dreamland, for the final set of puzzles.

Overall a great time waster, Rathbone has some interesting comments throughout each puzzle type and changes his accent as well from cowboy to Scotsman and more. It's great fun, although some puzzles might get difficult or are just tediously long.

By: Faeran