Laura Bow 2 - The Dagger of Amon-Ra

Developer: Sierra
Release Date: 1992
5.98 MB
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Extra Files

Map - 101 KB - Here is a scanned in version of the map that came with the game. Enjoy.


Laura Bow never realized when she started her new job as reporter for a large metropolitan newspaper that she would be thrown head first into the murder mystery of the century. The Dagger Of Amon Ra has been stolen, and it's up to Laura to find the culprit. Search for clues question suspects and collect evidence to stop a killer!

Gripping and immersing game play! Difficult puzzles with logical solutions. An attractive icon based game, with a wonderful story-line. Truly a perfect adventure/mystery game.

One of Sierras best, it's sure to be one of your all time favorites!