Laura Bow 1 - Colonel's Bequest

Developer: Sierra
Release Date: 1989
2.98 MB
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Extra Files

Map - 189 KB - Here is a scanned in version of the map that came with the game. Enjoy.


It's 1925 and Laura Bow sits on a bench turning the pages of a book. Along comes her friend, Lillian, who invites Laura to accompany her to her Uncle Henri's estate for a family reunion. Two nights later at Misty Acres she is seated at the dinner table along with Lillian's family. Colonel Henri appears and announces that those at the table will share his millions equally. Should any one of them 'go' before he does, then his legacy is to be shared between the survivors. Thus the stage is set for greed and jealousy to rear their ugly heads, as you accompany Laura on that fateful night.

By: Unknown