King's Quest 8 - Mask of Eternity

Developer: Sierra
Release Date: 1998
538 MB
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Extra Files

KQ8 Patch 1.3 - 1 MB - This patch will upgrade the English, French, and German versions of Mask to version 1.3. The update adds more D3D supported features as well as some bug fixes.


Here is the eighth and final (for now) installment of the much loved King's Quest Series. It begins as the lands of Daventry has suddenly been swept by a magical storm due to an evil wizard splitting the Mask of Eternity into 5 pieces. This magical storm's power ended up turning all human-kind into stone. Everybody, except you (of course!) who seemed to have mysteriously been picked by the Mask to be its Eternal Champion. What does this mean? It means that you, and you alone are now on a quest to find all 5 mask pieces and restore life back to the land of Daventry. But who are you in this game? Surprisingly you are not a member of the Royal family but are just a citizen of Daventry named Konner. And so Konner goes off to save Daventry from a life of stone statues...

This is the first King's Quest that was made in full 3D, and also the first to incorporate a simple battle system. You start off with your fist but throughout the game you are able to acquire better weapons and armor to help Konner on his journey. With King's Quest themed point-and-click puzzles thrown in the mix this game should be the full package... right? Well alas, hard-core King's Quest fans didn't like this game. They didn't like the 3Dness, and they hated the fighting system with a passion. Top it off with the usual bugs Sierra adventure's usually come with and this game didn't meet the expectations of many.

Despite all its flaws, and despite all the expectations that it didn't meet, this game was made, and it was made to play. Don't be fooled by the out-cry of many that say this game was the worst game ever. The truth of the matter is, this game wasn't all that bad, and to the average person this game is quite nice to play through. With simple controls and a good King's Quest themed story, this game might be the outcast of the series, but it definitely stands out on so many levels that it's worth the time to experience.

By: Faeran