King's Quest 4 AGI - The Perils of Rosella

Developer: Sierra
Release Date: 1988

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Hint Book - 8.4 MB - The Official Hint Book for King's Quest 4 (PDF).


When passing off his adventurers cap to one of his only two children, King Graham collapses in his own courtroom, stricken with an unknown illness. As Rosella (Graham's Daughter), you are visited in a vision by the Fairy Queen Genesta, from the land of Tamir. Genesta says that there is a fruit that grows in her land that will cure any sickness, but she however, is dying as well herself. Rosella accepts the challenge of finding her father's and Genesta's last hope for life, and embarks on a magical quest.

As a female adventurer you explore the enchanted land of Tamir. Befriending dwarves, and outrunning ogres and trolls, you perilously solve the puzzles that block your path to your ultimate goal. With plenty of references to classic fairy tails and even some Greek mythology, King's Quest IV is littered with spectacular beauty and rich storyline. Similar to the KQI remake and other version 2 adventure games, you can move from point to point with a click of the mouse, but must type your commands in prompt.

All in all this game is a worthwhile experience. Its strong storyline and pretty geography keeps the player very intrigued. Even an advanced adventure gamer will be stumped with the more challenging puzzles, but with perseverance you will prevail. A great chapter in the Kings Quests series.

NOTE: This is the AGI Version of the game. It was developed at the same time as the SCI Version due to Sierra assumption that a good chunk of people were unable to run the SCI version on their home computer. However, sales figures proved them wrong and the AGI version was swiftly discontinued. Because of its rarity, the AGI version could be considered a collector's item.

By: Unknown