Hunter Hunted

Developer: Dynamix
Release Date: 1996
113 MB
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Hunter Hunted takes you out of reality and throws you into a side-scrolling, action-filled, gut-wrenching game that allows you to be either a human named Jake, or a beast named Garathe Den. The game begins as these unknown aliens have taken Jake and Garathe Den (supposedly the strongest of their kind) and thrown them into some kind of a blocked off, old abandoned industrial area for the purpose of their own entertainment. But which one of them is going to come out victorious? Only you can decided...

This is definitely a kill-em-all type game where you go around through dark alleys, office buildings, and even abandoned malls killing everything you see. One small game play feature that stands out would be the "z plane" movement. They allow you to run through doors and into the next area which allows you to get out of the way of gun fire, as well as sneak up on enemies. This added feature gives you an illusion that you are playing a somewhat 3D like game.

In the end this is a solid side-scrolling shoot-em-up game that definitely included a whole lot of attitude. If you liked those days where side-scrolling action games were as abundant as candies in a candy shop, then this game is definitely worth your while. But people who thoroughly enjoy 3D action games, might find this one a little too restrictive for your liking.

By: Faeran