Heart of China

Developer: Dynamix
Release Date: 1991
6.45 MB
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Extra Files

Hint Book - 12.9 MB - The Heart of China Hint Book. (PDF)

Reference Card - 2.8 MB - The Reference Card that came with the game. (PDF)

Travel Guide - 17.9 MB - Download the Travel Guide, which is a great companion to the game. (PDF)


Adventure, romance, suspicion and intrigue come flying at you in Heart of China. Join three strangers and set forth on an adventure from a mysterious setting in 1930s China. She's the daughter of a ruthless American land baron, facing death in the mountains of China. He's a down-on-his-luck pilot with only three days to rescue her. Your guide to freedom is a shadowy master of stealth and cunning. Together you'll travel the crowded streets of Hong Kong, cross the snowfields of the Himalayas and ride the fabled Orient Express.

By: Unknown