Developer: Coktel Vision
Release Date: 1991
2.12 MB
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You want to give your mind a good workout? Need something different from all those traditional point-and-click adventures but not too different? Well look no further than Gobliiins. The more observant of you may have noticed there were 3 i's in the title, and no it is not a typo. It is because the story revolves around the 3 imps Bobo, Dwayne and Hooter as they attempt to return the King his sanity. You see the king has come under a voodoo spell which makes him scream, laugh and break into fits of terror uncontrollably. As you can imagine, the king wants this to stop and so his 3 loyal subjects will risk life and limb to help him.

This game should be considered more of a puzzle game than an adventure game. There is no dialogue and no exploration in the traditional sense. You see, all the problems must be solved on one screen before you can advance to the next, and once you advance you can not return, so the game proceeds as a series of levels. The puzzles themselves are very clever and very enjoyable to solve. They revolve around utilizing the 3 imps and their 3 very different powers. One imp can climb ropes and punch things, one imp casts magic which does a variety of actions and one imp is the only one that can pick up and use items. In each level you must combine all these abilities in order to succeed.

The game has charming graphics and a fantastic style which manages to convey the story and the emotions of the characters without a single line of dialogue. The game also has a great sense of humour. While it is not helpful to send your imps into danger, you will often find yourself doing so in order to watch the hilarious results. The puzzles can be a little difficult at times but most can be solved logically if you persevere. I highly recommend this wonderful game!

By: ACE123