Front Page Sports Baseball 94

Developer: Dynamix
Release Date: 1994
9.45 MB
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Released at a time when Major League Baseball ended their 1994 season due to a strike, this game became a highly recognized, major success. It was a game, in some aspects, that was before its time. Delivering a huge array of options, allowing you to play full seasons or career mode that would show your players age and eventually retire, as well as creating your own players and adding them to your team. In addition they were able to be extremely statistically accurate based on the 1994 season. Stuff like this never even appeared on console games until the millennium.

Where this game really shines though is all the statistics, and team management options that it gives. You can see a roster of your pitchers, batters, fielding positions for each lineup, lineups against right handers, pitching staff roles, and so on. Inside these menus you can change just about anything. You want to see a certain statistic, it's more than likely they keep track of it. The only problem I can see is that the statistical menus can be so vast, for an amateur, it might seem a little overwhelming. Playing an actual game is very simple, and can choose from either having full control over every aspect, to letting the computer take control of your entire team. Each aspect of the game (pitching, fielding, batting, base running) can be either human or computer controlled.

When baseball was down and out, Dymanix delivered the best baseball game of the year. Baseball fans around the globe fell in love with this game, and rightfully so. This game incorporated everything a baseball fan would want. The memories of playing vintage teams from 94 might be the most fun you have all year.

By: Faeran