The Incredible Machine - Even More Contraptions

Developer: Dynamix
Release Date: 2001
625 MB
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Yet another amazing installment of The Incredible Machine series, and this one, if I am correct, ended up being the last. Fly through over 250 overly imaginative puzzles using the same diverse assortment of parts, such as the bowling balls, ropes, pulleys, mice, pipes, and the ever so popular Mel: the little man.

Just like the previous installments, this game comes with the regular options of a tutorial and puzzle creator. It also comes with 60, 2 player, head-to-head puzzles, where you can play along with a friend on the same computer to see who can solve the puzzle before the time runs out. Though the game has improved graphics over the previous versions (except for The Return of the Incredible Machine), the game is practically the same. It is still your typical 2D interface where you place the items from your inventory onto the puzzle field, and when you are ready to see what the puzzle will do, you press the start button to see the machine in action. Clearly the creators didn't go out of their way to create something new, and decided instead to just rehash what worked for them in the 90s.

In the end what you have here is a solid installment of The Incredible Machine series. Yes, it is more of the same thing, but when something isn't broken you don't really need to fix it. This game is great for fans of the series that just want more puzzles to solve, as well as amateur puzzle solvers who have a creative mind. Because of the various difficulty levels this game can be fun for all, and this game is great to add to any collection.

By: Faeran