Dark Forces - Star Wars

Developer: LucasArts
Release Date: 1995
25.5 MB
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This is the prequel game to the Jedi Knight series. The story is not as important as the simple fact you get to fight all sorts of Star Wars universe nasties with some awesome graphics for "the day".

You get given an arsenal of imperial weapons and others from the Star Wars universe including the Stormtrooper Laser Rifle, the Imperial Repeater Gun, and much more. Blasting through the levels with these weapons really made you feel like you were apart of the Star Wars Universe.

This game is nostalgically good. It was the first glipse at what being apart of a Star Wars Universe can feel like. Back before Lara had her little shorts - even before Quake brought satanic aliens to our PC's this was out there letting us get down and dirty against the Imperial Menace, its even easy to get running on newer machines.

By: Heed