Conquests of Camelot - The Search for the Holy Grail

Developer: Sierra
Release Date: 1990
2.72 MB
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Copy Protection

Extra Files

Conquests of Camelot Hint Book (PDF) - 8.8 MB - Download the Conquests of Camelot Hint Book (PDF)

Map - 1.21 MB - Here is a scanned copy of the map that came with Conquests of Camelot. It is a nice map of the world, and includes all the places you travel to in the game.


You are King Arthur, King to the holy Kingdom of Camelot, the most beautiful Kingdom in all the land. In the days a new, however, King Arthur is pained by the forbidden love of Gwenhyver (your wife) and Sir Lancelot (one of your most trusted Knights and a true frind). King Arthur suffers in silence and it eats away at his soul, as well as his Kingdom. One day a vision comes to the Round Table, showing in it a grail that is so holy that it could put back the pieces of his mighty Kingdom, The Holy Grail. The journey will be long and fraught with danger, so King Arthur sends out his most trusted Knights, Sir Galahad, Sir Gawaine, and Sir Lancelot. Many months go by and none of the knights have yet to return. Your people call for your help, they are also withering and dying with your Kingdom. It is now up to King Graham to go on the perilous journey to foreign lands, of hope that one day he will be worthy of finding the only object with which he can save his land, the Holy Grail.

Conquests of Camelot was created in the late 80s when their games consisted of the SCI 16 color system, that had the text parser pop-up when you pressed a button (other games made during this era: Space Quest 3, Colonel's Bequest, Police Quest 2, Quest for Glory 2). It was a very good time for Sierra and this game shows how good of a time it was. The storyline in this game was compelling and the puzzles were diverse enough to keep you interested, but not incredibly hard that you would never figure it out.

The amount of back-story was really tremendous and was included all in the manual. Since the legend of King Arther is an immensely vast one with many different versions, Sierra was able to take what they liked best and forge a colorful back-story which I believe everybody should read before they play this game.

Now lets talk about what many people say was the fault of this game, the copy protection. This game did what King's Quest 6 eventually adopted. They included the copy protection as part of the story, all throughout the game, making it imperative that you read the manual in order to progress through the game. This made certain people feel that the game was too hard, or too complex, but personally I didn't mind it at all. In fact reading the manual made me feel more apart of the game, and in turn I was able to use the information that I read and use it towards the advancement of the storyline.

This game definitely gave the legend of King Arthur justice with its compelling story and its original puzzles. Traveling to distant lands, fighting a black knight to the death, saving your most trusted Knights from torcher, and to top it off a journey of epic proportions... What else could you ask for?

By: Faeran