Codename: Iceman

Developer: Sierra
Release Date: 1989
2.43 MB
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Extra Files

Codename: Iceman Hint Book (PDF) - 7 MB - Download the Codename: Iceman Hint Book (PDF)

Game Map - 1.8 MB - Here is a very large game map for the game Codename: Iceman. The Quality is fantastic so enjoy.


Go from the sunny beaches of Tahiti to the halls of the Pentagon and beyond. Secret Agent Johnny Westland attempts to crack the deadly security of the terrorist base and rescue a hostage ambassador in the most critical assignment of his career! Using a nuclear-powered attack submarine, a one-man diving vehicle and scuba gear, Westland must penetrate the electronic harbor surveillance of a hostile Middle-Eastern nation. His goal -- a nest of fanatical terrorists armed with advanced weaponry!

By: Unknown