Alien Legacy

Developer: Ybarra Productions
Release Date: 1994
8.94 MB
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Reference Card - 963 KB - This is the reference card that came with the game.


It's hundreds of years in the future and technology has grown immensely. Humans have populated many planets since the development of a technology that allows them to travel great distances in very little time. But soon the humans learn the dangers of spreading their populace so thinly, as one of their colonized planets explodes, killing everything. Soon they learn that their planet was destroyed by an alien race known as the Centaurians. It ends up that the Centaurians ran out of room in their own solar system and are looking to advance into others, including the human solar system. Eventually years later, the Centaurians are on the brink of destroying all of man-kind. A Scientist named Dr. Ramakin develops an even faster way of travel, and in a desperate attempt to save man-kind they launch three ships with this new technology each with the same mission. Survive at all costs.

In this game you are a captain of one of the ships that was sent out and the whole game is played on board your ship (the Calypso). Part of the gameplay acts almost like a Sim City style game where you are looking down on a planet in a grid based system and you need to build a self-sufficient colony. The difference is you are responsible to colonize about 25 planets and make them all self-sufficient, while following a storyline. This game never lets you run out of things to do. Whether one of your planets are being attacked by some aliens that don't want you there, or the wildlife on one of your planets is causing more trouble than you need, one thing's for sure, this game will never let you get bored.

In the end if I were given one word to describe this game, it would be "Different". There really isn't another game quite like this one. Surprisingly this game is far more fun than it looks, and far less tedious than you think. It is a brilliantly put together game which combines Sci-fi, Strategy, Action, and Adventure into a pot of boiling water that actually comes out tasting good. So if you take the time to play this game, you won't be disappointed.

By: Faeran