3-D Ultra Mini Golf

Developer: Sierra
Release Date: 1997
191 MB
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Have you ever wanted to play a mini golf game where you could avoid lava, get to the top of a pyramid, have your ball hit by a cave man, or have your ball blow up some rocks, clearing a path to the hole? Well back in the late 90s, this game blew people away with some of the creative ways you could play mini golf. Play amongst dinosaurs, through castles, on a moon base, even in the arctic.

This game's set of 18 holes can be done in a variety of ways. You can either play the front nine, back nine, or pick an individual hole. Using your mouse, you shift it from side to side to line up your putter, then you press down your mouse button and watch the meter bar. When you believe that your meter bar is at the right power, you let go of your mouse button, then you watch your ball fly through the course. This way of play seemed to have caught on, as many newer mini golf games have used the same technique. Playing with up to 4 players can bring you many fun hours of replay value, with multiple ways of playing, which include hole-by-hole, or a timed game. Multiple voice actors will randomly introduce a hole, which may sometimes cause you to scratch your head when you hear a Jamaican commentator announce the arctic hole, as well as others that seem out of place.

One of the major problems I found with this game is the camera angles. You never get to pick your own. They are all set for you, which may end up causing the angle to not go in your favor. You could have your ball on one side, and the hole somewhere off the screen. Not being able to change the camera to view the course, or having any kind of birds eye view really becomes a problem with some of the more creative holes.

All in all, this game can be pretty fun, especially playing with a friend. With multiple ways to finish each hole, this game can bring hours of fun to any mini golf enthusiast. The music and the sound are top notch, and the game play is solid enough to give you a good time. It is definitely worth playing just to see how Sierra/Dynamix viewed Mini Golf.

By: Faeran