King's Quest 3 - To Heir is Human

Developer: Sierra
Release Date: 1986

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Hint Book - 7.84 MB - The Official Hint Book for King's Quest 3 (PDF).


King's Quest 3 is kind of a departure from its predecessors, since you do not start out in Daventry. The story revolves around a young man named Gwydion, who is a slave to a sorcerer named Mannanan, in the land of Llewdor. Gwydion has absolutely no knowledge of his past, save that he has always been cleaning his master's spittoon and running his errands. Years pass, and Gwydion is soon 18. His curiosity gets the better of him, and he decides to explore his surroundings, which eventually lead to unearthing his long forgotten past...

The graphics are similar to the previous two King's Quest games, as well as it uses the same parser. You'll start off in Mannanan's castle, and pretty soon after snooping around for a while, you'll eventually manage to escape from the castle (temporarily) and explore the surroundings. You'll meet a plethora of characters, including The Three Bears (from Goldilocks), Medusa... etc. . Eventually, you'll find a way to destroy Mannanan, and end his evil grip on the land. You'll also have the ability to create spells (Yes, really!!), and these actually allow you to fly as different life forms, create a storm, and even teleport. Eventually you'll find a way to get off the island, and guess where your adventures eventually lead to? Of course - Daventry.

Well, the only downside the game has is the same with all Sierra games. You simply don't know what to do next. The puzzles are those that you'd expect from a typical Sierra adventure. But, still an interesting premise nevertheless, and an excellent storyline that will keep you entertained till the very end. Highly recommended...

By: Tachyon