Laura Bow 2 CD Version

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Laura Bow 2 CD Version

Postby agamesroom » Tue Oct 16, 2007 7:14 pm

Please post only about the specified game on this thread.

The game page can be found here
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Postby lomega » Thu Feb 28, 2008 3:28 pm

I am having trouble getting this to work under windows xp. I've also tried it in vmware windows 98 and i couldnt get it to work.

Ive tried with vmware [tho maybe not the latest version] and also in dfend and dosbox. havent used d&d for a while so i might have messed up the config.

somebawdy help!


Was able to get it working using dosbox via d-fend. Just had to make sure i mounted drive and cd correctly, then had to install thru d-fend. Woohoo!
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At Least You Tried
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Re: Laura Bow 2 CD Version

Postby schaetzle » Thu Jul 08, 2010 4:07 am

Hi, there.

Please can you write the .conf file from Dosbox? So I can have the game running as well?
Thank you!
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Re: Laura Bow 2 CD Version

Postby Faeran » Thu Jul 08, 2010 3:26 pm

Based on your post in the other section, it sounds like you are trying to run the CD Version so I'll post here from now on. Unfortunately I have no experience running the game in Windows 98, but I have managed to get the game to run in DOSBox perfectly fine. It has been a while though, so I'm going to have to go through the process myself before I can tell you step by step instructions... just give me a sec...

Okay, so basically I just went and downloaded the three rar files from the site and extracted the ISO file called amomra.ISO
You should have DOSBox installed and either a virtual CD/DVD drive (like Daemon Tools Lite) or be able to burn the ISO image onto a CD. After you have either mounted the ISO file or inserted the CD to your drive then you can open DOSBox.

So now that DOSBox is open you basically need to tell DOSBox where your CD drive is and where your hard drive is, because it doesn't just know automatically. I've taken a picture of it and attached it below.


In the picture you can see that the first thing I do is mount my CD drive:

mount d f:\ -t cdrom

This is telling DOSBox that I want it to read my F:\ cd drive as D:\ in DOSBox.

Then I mount my hard drive:

mount c d:\games

This is telling DOSBox that I want to read my d:\games\ directory as C:\ in DOSBox. (I chose to use a /games/ directory that I created, but you can create and use any directory you want, just make sure you create it first in windows before you try to mount it in DOSBox)

So now that both your CDRom drive and Hard Drive are both mounted in DOSBox you can basically go through the regular dos commands to install the game onto your hard drive and play it.

Now the game should work, along with the voices. Depending on the speed of your computer you may want to run the game around 8000-10000 cycles. (CTRL+F12 to raise it)

Hopefully this isn't too confusing, just know that I was able to get it to work perfectly by just following these steps just a second ago.
Cheers, Faeran
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Re: Laura Bow 2 CD Version

Postby schaetzle » Fri Jul 09, 2010 2:05 am

Thank you very much,Faeran.
It is working perfectly under Dosbox in a Pentium 4 . I managed yesterday to have it working.
However I cannot make it run in a Pentium 3 with Windows 98.
In this PC I start the system in MS DOS, but although I get 623 KB (which is a record, you can play almost every DOS game with this configuration) for the conventional memory, the game gives me the message : "not enough memory for the game to run".
In conclusion: The game runs in an Emulator like DOSBOX but not in the real thing of DOS. I find that very strange. The solution must be in the wording of some misterious Config.sys which I cannot find, but I will keep on trying.
Anyway, thank you very much for your detailed description of the process. Unfortunately as you say you do not have too much experience with Win 98, maybe you belong to the new generation who has not lived the times of DOS.
Thank you.
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