Who likes Bioware?

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Who likes Bioware?

Postby Faeran » Mon Aug 24, 2009 6:19 pm

Every time Bioware releases a new game, they never seem to disappoint me. I've played them all and always feel a little empty when I'm inbetween Bioware games. Luckily for me they are soon releasing Dragon Age Origins, which is their new Dark Fantasy single player game, and it will indeed come out on PC when it releases on November 3rd 2009. Check it out!

Mass Effect 2 should be out soon after Dragon Age (Early 2010), so with my schedule it should work perfectly. If you haven't played the first one, you are really missing a great game. Talk about a great Sci-Fi Universe with a great Bioware-polished story. Go buy the first one and beat it before Early 2010. More info on the second game can be found here.

Of course what I'm waiting for the most is the Star Wars The Old Republic game. Ever since I finished Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Replubic in 2001, I couldn't help but feel a little empty inside. That experience was so good, I can still vividly remember how good I felt while immersed in that world. Now with Star Wars The Old Republic announced and on the way, every piece of information they leak out into the public makes the game look better and better. I seriously cannot wait for this one, and wish I was playing it as I right this post. It should be released sometime in 2010, probably by the end (if not pushed back to 2011). If you are even remotely a Star Wars fan or MMO player, you will just have to do yourself a favor and check out Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The future definitely looks bright :)
Cheers, Faeran
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