FORUM RULES - Please Read

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FORUM RULES - Please Read

Postby Gathilas » Fri Oct 19, 2007 8:19 pm

Listen up, here are the rules.

- Have fun
- If your having fun takes away other people's fun, then change your fun. Which means you cannot make other people's fun hinder in any way
- Absolutely no linking to sites that contain downloads of newer games (this is subject to the moderator)
- Absolutely no advertising in any form
- No pointless posts or spam
- Never demand anything, this forum must be kept light and simple. If any of the posts ever get too heavy, it will be deleted
- Post in the right section

- Post questions about games in their own topic. (topics can be found in the gamesroom games forum or a link can be found on the page for that game)
- Do not PM or email anyone about adding games.
- General questions about our games can be directed to Faeran

- send questions about our website and forums to Gathilas

NOTE: These rules are subject to change any any time.
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